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Wicca with Crystal

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Wicca is one of our earliest religions, associated with Paganism and the love and respect of Mother Earth and all who live on and in her. It has many similarities to other Earth based religions and philosophies, (i.e. Shamanism) in that there is a strong belief in reincarnation and re-birth, and that nothing is ever lost!


Those who seriously practise Wicca, (and we must differentiate here between what is usually a life long and serious belief system, and the very fashionable 'witchcraft' that we see in many television programs at the moment) are amongst some of the most moral people on the planet....they for the most part practice 'harmlessness' to their fellow man, and to the Earth and all her children.

Wiccans are often thought to have 'no laws!' but in fact they are ruled by the 'Law of Three' which is;-


'Do as thou wilt.....an it harm none'

The true meaning of which is:- follow your heart and your own course in life....but do not gain by harming anyone else.  and, the implication is, that whatever we do, for good or bad, will be returned to us in time, (for good or bad)  three times! How wonderful it would be if we all took this simple commandment and followed it! it would at a single stroke wipe out most of the crime that we suffer from!



Most true Wiccans are working at this moment for world peace (as unlikely as it seems!) as they always do, and have done for many generations, Like many other none Christian religions, the focus in their philosophy is to higher the Vibrational rate of our Mother Earth and her Human citizens so that we may evolve beyond the need to kill each other!

Lets all hope that by joining together the peacemakers we may avoid the mistakes of Atlantis....and survive!

to read more about Wicca

visit our sister sites at  www.alba-lovespells.eu 

Blessed Be!