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The Value of Silence

Our theories of the eternal are as valuable as are those of a chick which has not broken its way through its shell might form of the outside world.

The Buddha


meditation on silenceIn these busy days with all the hustle and bustle of the crowd, it is all too easy when presented with difficulties and decisions to run around from one person to the next looking for answers.


We seem to some extent to have lost the ability to connect with our own wisdom and look for the answers from within, but we can still do so if we give ourselves time and space.


From time to time during our life time we encounter blocks and difficult situations in our lives, that may call for a change of direction…. a different path.  Often we have no idea what to do, often we feel that there must be someone else out there who can tell us what to do…. who can guide and help us put our foot back on the right path, possibly there is… but finding that person can be problematical, and everybody brings their own slant to problems and that slant might not be relevant to yours!


There is a lot to be said for ‘ Going into the silence’ and finding the answer for ourselves, for who should know better than ourselves... our Higher Selves, and to connect with Higher Self we need to temporarily detach ourselves from the noise and distraction of everyday life.


Although it is unfashionable to do so these days ‘ going into the silence’ can teach us so much about ourselves and can be comforting in times of difficulty.  If we can allow ourselves a space to do so. We know intuitively and instinctively what is the right course for us to take. 


I as a practising clairvoyant for many, many years, I have come across the situation many times in my working week, where someone will come to me for a reading…. for advice.  When I have given them what has come to me, it is very common for them to sometimes say “ that's exactly what I thought!  I'm so glad that you said that because now I know that I must be right!”


What they come for is confirmation, because we have lost the ability to believe in our higher selves, to believe that we really know the answers.


‘Going into the silence’, means for a short while cutting down the distractions of everyday life as much as you can, and living in a very simple and straightforward way whilst focusing on the problems in hand. 


Meditation is a wonderful tool for inner working, and even a single day of meditative practices combined with a very light and green diet…. and time and space to be by yourself in pleasant surroundings, will often bring up thoughts and ideas that might delight and surprise you! 


It is a universal truth, that we have all the wisdom that we could ever need inside us!  Sometimes we simply need to create the space and time to ‘ go within’ to access that wisdom!


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