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A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be calm...


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Angel with bookWhat's the worst possible thing about losing a loved one?  Apart from the loss of companionship, and probably for the first time for many years been on your own. Probably the worst thing for most people who have experienced this is the ‘not knowing’ where the beloved has gone too, and if there is indeed an afterlife to go to at all?

There is now a vast body of evidence, gained through regression therapy, and through deep meditation experiences, to convince us finally that yes, there is an afterlife.  People who have been taken back through this lifetime, and through death into a previous lifetime, by regression experts, have given almost identical accounts of where they were between one lifetime and another, the structure of the place they were in, and the people that they encountered, for us to be left with many doubts about the existence of an afterlife of some sort.

From the many thousands of accounts that have been gathered, it appears that the same theme runs through them all.  When we pass over, after being greeted by friends and loved ones, we appear to go through a time of healing and reassessing the recent life we have just experienced.  And after this period of time, it is thought that we then reconnect with our spirit group, in the place that is our original home.

It appears that we have family groups in the afterlife, in much the same way as we do in this life.  And that many of the people that we encounter in this life, are part of our spirit team so to speak in the afterlife.  Many of the soul mates that we have in this life, are part of our close-knit family as spiritual beings, and this is why we have lived through successive incarnations with the same people over and over again.


If you focus on how you felt when you first met the person closest to you, your soul mate.  Think about how you felt, usually we feel as if we have known this person already, even if we'd never set eyes on them before.  There is an instant feeling of connectedness, and a deep knowing, although how can this be so?  We have only just met this person!

When you get this connection with someone for the first time, it means that this person is part of your spirit group, and that yes indeed you do know them very well, but not in this lifetime!

When we become incarnate in a new lifetime, we undertake to forget our connections to our spirit home, and our spirit family, to enable us to work through this lifetime effectively, and to learn the lessons that we need to learn.  But on some level, we still feel that instant knowing, and recognition of our soul mates when we meet them for the first time.


Contrary to popular belief, not all our soul mates are about close sexual relationships.  We each have many soul mates, it is thought that each spirit group extends from the close family group of about 15 to 20 souls to the extended group of anything up to 50.  So it would be highly unlikely if we were not to encounter some soul mates during our sojourn in this lifetime!  And it has been noted, that some of the people who cause us the most pain in this lifetime, can also be very close soul mates.  And although this probably will feel dreadful in this lifetime, it is thought that is before we incarnate, we take out a contract so to speak with our nearest and dearest in spirit world, as to who will act out which parts in this lifetime.  And although we may cause each other incredible pain during our lives, when we returned to our spirit home, we reassess the work that is being done, and we understand the part our soul mates choose to take in our learning experience, no matter how painful at the time...


If you take this to its logical conclusion, we can see that each of our successive lifetimes, is simply a play, a journey that we undertake to learn the lessons that we need to learn to move onwards spiritually.  And that when we leave our bodies behind, (when we pass over) we are then moving into our real and immortal life. 


The native American Indians had a wonderful phrase for dying, they speak of it as “ dropping your robes” and we indeed can think of our physical bodies, as simply robes or clothes that we are wearing during this lifetime's ‘play’.


I would recommend anyone who has recently lost a loved one, and who is going through the uncertainties and trauma that we all experience at this time in our lives, to obtain two books called 'Journey of Souls', Case Studies of Life Between Lives.  and  'Destiny of Souls': New Case Studies of Life Between Lives both by Michael Newton PhD. and available from www.amazon.co.uk 
Clear and concisely written accounts of many instances of life between life experiences, related by people under deep hypnosis during regression therapy.

These books will radically change your way of thinking about death, and will give you confidence in the continuing existence of your loved ones!


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