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The Magic of Crystals and Psychic Readings from Crystal Green. The Magic of Crystals.


Why are we so fascinated by crystals? Why is it that when we walk on a beach we are always drawn to certain pebbles that are round and smooth? Why do we simply want to hold them or keep them in our pocket. Take them home and put them where we can see them? Why do the beautiful colours of tumble stones attract us so?Crystals for healing

It is because they are of the Earth and we are also of the Earth. We are comforted by the deep healing energies that rocks and crystals contain. They have spent millions of years in the cool dark of the Earth, and when they emerge or are taken from it they retain that energy. And when we hold them we also share in that energy, it comforts us and takes us back to our beginnings and where we should be!

This is why crystals are used as a healing tool and also as a tool to aid prediction (crystal balls) a crystal ball that is actually glass will never have the power to inspire our visualisation skills like a pure quartz crystal ball with its dancing rainbow of colours caught by the light.


These days there are a myriad of different crystals available, all with very different properties and Mixed agatehealing elements. But it is not really necessary to either know about them all or to search out very specific crystals for a specific purpose. Many of the crystals that we have access to work in similar ways, so it is always possible to substitute one crystal for another if, as sometimes is the case that the crystal we have been recommended to use is difficult to locate.

Crystals tend to work better in tandem with other crystals and a small group of crystals that arehealing crystals compatible working together are far more effective than one single crystal.

For example, the best-known trio of crystals for general healing has for thousands of years been known.  Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz work together in a wonderful and complimentary way. They are totally compatible and are probably the best possible combination to use for all-round healing.

For protection, I personally would probably suggest ...Snowflake Obsidian, a powerful absorber of negative energy, Hematite, which protects from psychic attack and is good for calming nerves, and Tiger Eye for strength, all used together. But this may change if the person who has come to me presents another weakness or problem that I may feel needs to be shored up by additional crystal energies.

For someone who is having emotional difficulties then I would think of perhaps Aventurine orTumblestones

 Green Quartz together with Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate. But if there was also a lack of self-esteem I would probably want to add perhaps Jasper or Sodalite to the mix.

Every crystal healer has their own favourites’ and their own ‘mixture’ of crystals for given circumstances, and so it can be very useful to visit a crystal healer and get them to help make up a selection of crystals for you, because sometimes a healer will see something that you have perhaps missed. Most healers no matter what their form of healing are very intuitive, and will use this skill to suggest the best crystals for you to use. Many crystal healers are also Reiki therapists as I myself am. Reiki and crystals work very well when combined.

For children particularly babies and very young children, putting Rose Quartz in their room (preferably out of reach if they are very young) is said to help them sleep and make them happy! It Rose quartz

also works well with children that are hyperactive. I have a friend who recently bought some hand size pieces of unpolished Rose Quartz from me for her baby who is under a year old, and her reaction to them is amazing! She picks them up one by one and gazes into them, handles them as if they are very precious, and obviously loves them! She is a happy and contented baby, she knows that her crystals are special and she treats them as such.rough sodalite

Crystals in your personal space can also be very helpful, I always keep a piece of Clear Quartz near any computer that I’m using emerald calciteat the time; they seem to be compatible with modern technology and I always think they definitely put my laptop in a good mood!

In a room where someone is recuperating from illness, then red Tiger Eye and Amber are very appropriate.

  To counteract sadness I also find Amber is a very useful aid, as is Smoky Quartz particularly if it is a large piece of ‘raw’ or unpolished Smoky Quartz.

For someone who is facing an exam or even an interview, keeping a piece of Fluorite handy and holding it from time to time can be a great help. I had a friend who attending an important interview put some fairly largish crystals into her bra… As she leaned over to shake hands with the interviewer, one fell out onto his desk! With great aplomb, she smiled, picked it up and put it back in her pocket… Against all the odds she got the job! There may have been a better way of organising this!

Green agateBut for everyday use how should we use crystals?

I think you can do no better than to have Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Hematite around your house. Even one crystal in each room of the house will change the vibrations and the atmosphere and will absorb anything negative. And then every few weeks you simply rinse the crystals under the cold tap and leave them to dry on a windowsill overnight (especially in the light of the full moon) to cleanse them. Or you can add a piece of Kyanite or Selenite to them which will keep them cleansed automatically.

And how to choose your crystals?

rough kyaniteSimply handle the crystals & tumblestones in the shop where you go to buy them, you will be drawn to particular ones which will be the crystals that you need, and even if you don’t particularly know the attributes of those crystals, if you were drawn to them and you feel that you want to touch them, then chances are that you need them and they are tellingAmethyst you this! If we allow our higher selves to help us choose like this then we will get exactly what we need.

Feel free to visit our little  in-centre shop at The Veritas Psychic and Therapy Centre, Reidhaven Street Cullen. 07837 669 997.  And please remember that I am always happy to help!



Talismanic setSpecial offer! As well as using crystals directly for healing, we can carry them with us to uplift, heal, protect and empower us… To do this a little pouch worn around our neck or carried in a bag or pocket is ideal!

Here at SilverMoon we can prepare a pouch for you, choose the crystals that you need for any particular thing, foragate example sadness, a broken heart, to bring healing, to provide protection and much more. The crystals chosen are kept in our sanctuary for some days having been anointed with our special oil, then placed in a little leather bag with a thong that you can either were around your neck or simply carry with you in a pocket or a bag. This is a lovely way to feel the healing influence of crystals, and as there will be at least a trio of crystals they are providing the best that can be provided. If you feel the need to cleanse them then simply opened them out into a little dish and stand them in the full moonlight overnight on a windowsill.

To read more and purchase your own little pouch of love and protection!

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