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TemperanceThe balancing of elements, water, air, earth and fire all seen in the Temperance card.

Connected with Sagittarius, the sign representing the blending of two forms (our human and spiritual nature)

As a daily choice, Temperance brings balance and adaptability to your day. You should feel calm and in control of events around you.

Things that might normally throw you into disarray will be taken in your stride, and you may find yourself as a successful mediator between two or more other people who are in disagreement. Today you may feel well connected to those around you.

Work should be easier today and things that have been difficult to get on top of may suddenly be resolved. You may find yourself being more 'laid-back' than usual...and rightly so!

You may also be drawn to unusual choices of food today, preferring hot and spicy to more bland tastes.

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