Traditional meaning:-    battle, spiritual Warrior, completion, right action.


Meaning for today:-             







 This is the rune of the spiritual Warrior. when it appears in your life you may be seeking a new relationship with your higher self.

there may have been long internal discussions, and things may not always be as you believed them to be.  When Teiwaz appears in your life generally speaking, it marks the end of a struggle with the self.




As a rune for the day, Teiwaz  Points to a somewhat difficult time for you, you may be working on two distinct levels and both of them may not be entirely compatible!

 There may be confusion surrounding you and most likely surrounding your workplace, and you may at times be left wondering if you are on the same planet as everyone else!


This will pass!  The trick here is to keep your head down, keep your opinions to yourself at the moment, and allowed yourself to 'flow' through the day like water through a lush and beautiful meadow....  take no direct action, simply respond to stimulus around you, because today it may be impossible for you to achieve too much in any direction.



Simply 'being yourself' may be all that is required of you for today!  Tomorrow you can once again move forward.


Today you may see yourself through the eyes of others, and this may answer questions that have been puzzling you for some time.



The colour associated with this Rune is  Jade green!



The number associated with this Rune is 5.