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teepee  Teepee

This is the rune of temporary situations. When you draw this rune you are put on notice that something in your life will shortly be moving on, whether it be physically or emotionally.

Take stock of your situation, are you still functioning in out-moded ways? does you life lack inspiration and the fire of vision?

Take time to focus on the recent past, and ask yourself "have I done all that I need to do where I am? Is it time to move on in some area of my life?"

The Teepee can often mean a physical move of home, if you are considering a move, Teepee is a good omen, Yes! now is the time to go!

Think of the Teepee and its original purpose, a convenient temporary home of the Native American Indians, who when the time was right simply collected it up and moved on.

Have the courage to move on when the time is right for you too!

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