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 JULY 2021


The Eight of Swords. Always a difficult card and one that shows you trapped and unable to move forward at this time. And perhaps worse than this unable to see your way forward either! You are adversely influenced just now and there is nothing to do but keep your head down and wait for this time to pass as it will!  This is a time of dreaming not doing.. Make those dreams beautifully colourful and they will come!

Lucky number 7.




Nine of Pentacles... Shows that whether you feel it to be so or  not things are progressing in the right direction for you especially moneywise… This is not a time to spend money on something unless you are hundred percent sure that it will totally fulfil your needs … Money invested in ‘certainty’ right now will help you move on in a more positive way. Skip the frivolity for the moment and focus!

lucky number 1.




...for Gemini... The Four of Rods suggests that you are slowly but surely coming into a time of balance and contentment. Perhaps the time to think about what you really need in your life and what you do not, and be a little ruthless about getting rid of the ‘do nots’ and ditching the ‘has beens’ we are now in ‘the new’ and must think in a different and more dynamic way!

Lucky number 2.




...for Cancer we have the Five of Cups covering the Empress. (When two cards come to my fingers together I give them both) the five of cups indicates walking away from something that no longer support you, the Empress speaks of comfort and success… So this gives great clarity leave that which does not support you behind and be willing to take a leap of faith!

Lucky number 6.




… for Leo we have the Queen of Pentacles... New thoughts and ideas may disturb your sleep and take over your waking hours! It would seem the time is right for making plans for the future, let go the grief of the past and look towards the excitement and empowerment of your personal future… Believe me, right now it waits for you!.

Lucky number 2.




...the King of Cups speaks of marvellous encounters and many adventures that shake you to your roots and may bring love/excitement into your life at the most, and laughter and contentment into your life at the least. Be open to all the wonderful energies around you and be fearless in your wanderings right now!

Lucky number 8.




...for Libra the Seven of Swords! Watch out for the thief at the door… The one you feel most likely to rob you of either goods money or more importantly ‘ideas’. Keep your inspirations to yourself at this time dear Libra! There are those who would take them and use them for themselves. For now is the time for plans to be made and the future to be secured at least in your mind and heart for now… In other words… Keep your own counsel!

Lucky number 1.




for Scorpio, the Six of Rods… A wonderful card which suggests you are almost there, wherever ‘there’ is. Time to be brave and fearless in the changes that you make and in the situations that you simply let go of because they are more trouble than they are worth. Now is the time for home and family either to secure, to embellish, or to simply plan for the future. All will be well!!

Lucky number 9.




...for Sagittarius the Ten of Pentacles… Gifts received and bonuses won! There is the feeling of the bounty of money and other goodies around you this month Sagittarius… If you can only open your eyes a little wider and see where they are to be found. Perhaps you are looking in very small circles at the moment? Time to draw yourself up and see the much bigger picture.. It’s all out there! Wrap yourself with courage and fearsome this and grab it!

Lucky number 6.




...for Capricorn the Star brings far more balance to your life and the opportunity to lose some of the annoying situations that seem to have surrounded you for a while now Capricorn… Now is the time to climb the mountain and really have a good look around… Part of the problem is knowing what you want and when you do focus on it to the exclusion of all the annoying bits and pieces of life and simply ‘go for it!’ Because you are Capricorn you will be successful sooner or later… So better sooner than later!

Lucky number 8.




Aquarius brings us the Ten of Cups so for many Aquarians ‘love is in the air’ right now… The focus would seem to be on family and home and those who love you best… Take all that is on offer and know that it is offered with a good heart and a clear conscience. Now may well be the time to make new connections and new close friends whether that be romantically or simply ‘friend friends’ it seems that many Aquarians are starting on a new cycle right now and ‘Love’ is the way forward!

Lucky number 3.




 ....for Pisces we have Judgement... But definitely not self-judgement which Pisces are prone to indulge in! Judgement here is more concerned with the balance between who we are and what we want, and if we want with a good and generous heart then most likely we will get what we want! For many Pisces this time is a time of renewal and of great power in their own personal lives. Be true to what you know to be right for you… Trust your own instincts… Love with all your might!

Lucky number 4.


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Tarot readings at Silvermoon
The meanings of your lucky numbers for the month.

Number one
Strength, commitment, single-mindedness, the ability to stand on your own feet and to deal with anything that comes your way that is difficult or uncomfortable.

Number two
Friendship, partnership, feeling included in peoples affections. The ability to blend with others in any project or group.

Number three.
Growth, positive movement forward, confidence. A good time to start a new project particularly if joining with others to do so, or to create or buy business.

Number four.
Balance, confidence, creativity. A good time to create a project or build a house! The ability to 'see the wood for the trees' in a very positive way.

Number five.
Not at ease with life, looking for a change but confused about change of what sort. This number may be a catalyst in your life allowing you to move on.,

Number six.
Ongoing growth and the prospect of real success! This number will help take you to a place of security in your life and allow you to see the way clearly.

Number seven.
Uncertainty, instability, the precursor to change with a capital C. This number will allow you to know that things cannot go on as they are, and you must take steps forward.

Number eight.
 Difficulty in seeing what will happen next, growth and movement forward but not always able to control that growth or see where it is leading. This number will help you to be confident at this time and to maximise opportunities.

Number nine.
The number of completion...the finish of something good, working towards the end of problems, Achievement and Success and ready to move on.

Number 10... See number 1.