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Tarot readings from Silvermoon Tarot card pack reviews of Crystal's favorite Tarot Packs.        

Crystal is an advanced Tarot Master/Teacher, and has been reading The Sacred Tarot for over thirty years. Below is a guide to many of the most popular pack presently available, with a guide to their suitability for beginners and for the more advanced reader. These pages will be updated  as newer packs are discovered.


Learn to read and understand this wonderful divination tool.

  Mystic psychic key readings from CrystalGeneral observations. Tarot cards have over the past few years come a long way from their original symbols and meanings.  Some packs can still be considered ' traditional', but others are so changed as to make me wonder if they are indeed 'Tarot' at all?  I suppose it depends how we define Tarot. An encyclopaedic definition tells us that  Tarot came from the mid-15th century game of tarocchi, and it corresponds closely to our conventional playing cards, which are of course its descendant.  So to define a pack as tarot, it needs to have four suits,(the minor Arcana) including court cards and cards numbered one (ace) to 10 and to distinguish it from an ordinary pack of playing cards, Tarot also has 21 trump cards (the major Arcana) and a single un-numbered card known as the fool.
 Of the more modern packs, the Rider Waite is the most traditional and closer to its beginnings, and the pack that most other true tarot packs have been developed from. All the packs below are packs that I have owned or used regularly. The opinions expressed are also entirely my own.
Rider waite tarot pack

 The Rider Waite Pack. is probably the most traditional pack available at the present moment, and of which there are many clones. this pack it is recommended for learners to the tarot, although somewhat plain by modern standards, it is traditional and its symbology is easy to follow....Traditional. Suitable for beginners. All cards have descriptive pictures. this pack it is recommended for learners to the tarot, although somewhat plain by modern standards, it is traditional and its symbology is easy to follow.
A simply designed pack, all the cards have descriptive pictures which is a great help to a beginner. and the pack follows the traditional pattern in having both a major and minor arcana, court cards and a joker plus court cards for the four suits.
This pack or one of the many clones of it that there are available at the moment are excellent for starting to learn the Tarot.
The pictures are somewhat simplistic , but I find that a help in teaching, because pupils are not too distracted by them, but seem to notice the general symbology.

 Psychic tarot
The Golden Rider Tarot. is a straight adaptation of the Rider Waite Pack, and is almost identical in content but more attractive, again suitable for learners.....Traditional. Suitable for beginners. All cards have descriptive pictures.
This pack is almost identical to the original Rider Wait pack, except for a gold edging to the cards and enhanced colours and images.
The backs of the cards are somewhat spectacular being also gold with an bright pink circle. Certainly this pack in my opinion is the most attractive version of the original Rider Waite, and yet adheres closely to the original.
An easy and colourful pack to learn.
Although very similar to the original Rider Waite this pack has more
visual impact and vibrancy, and the card backs are quite startling. An excellent choice for a beginner.

The Gilded Tarot
The Gilded Tarot. is a most beautiful and modern pack, and again based on the Rider Waite Pack. Semi traditional,  and exquisitely designed not for rank beginners.....
Semi Traditional. Suitable for readers with some little knowledge of the tarot. All cards have descriptive pictures.
A most beautiful modern pack, well illustrated throughout and with easily understood symbology.
The colours and art work are stunning and if you could only afford one tarot pack this pack is a must! Each card is like a little jewel and even the backs are beautifully dealt with.
These cards stimulate ideas and can be used for single 'focus' cards very effectively. Truly inspirational and deeply symbolic!
This pack, Created by Ciro Marchetti although perhaps a little sophisticated for beginners is a must for your tarot collection!
Kit comes with a very useful guide. A wonderful gift for someone special! PS. there is now an updated edition of this beautiful pack!

The New Palladini Tarot
The New Palladini Tarot.   This pack is from the same artist as the Aquarian pack.  Colourful and easily read.  Derived again  from traditional packs, suitable for readers with some ability....
Traditional. Suitable for beginners with perhaps some knowledge of the tarot.
This beautiful pack comes from the same artist as the Aquarian Pack.
 Colourful and unusual on white card, symbology very apt and pleasing.
The Court cards are presented simply as representations of people with very character-full faces, perhaps a little difficult to read for rank beginners, but fairly easily got to grips with with practice.
Cards are very memorable and easy to learn.
All cards have descriptive pictures and are very well depicted.
A good all round pack and one of my all time favourites!

 psychic tarot
The Aquarian Tarot. again a beautiful Semi traditional pack, very easy to read with court cards that have very human faces. Symbology a little more difficult to interpret so best for readers that have some abilities...
Traditional. Suitable for beginners with perhaps some little knowledge of the tarot. All cards have descriptive pictures.
Same artist as the New Palladini, this is a lovely and easy to use pack, gorgeous pictures and full of relevant symbolism.
An easy pack to get to grips with and one that I personally will always love (my first pack bought for me by a dear friend)
Court cards are slightly  unusual but easy to read. Colourful and each card a little work of art.
Good pack to begin with...and to end with! in other words one you will never tire of The Aquarian Tarot.

The Celtic Dragon TarotThe Celtic Dragon Tarot. although this beautifully worked pack can be described as a traditional pack for the most part, every card includes dragons, and this makes it a little more difficult to easily understand.  Not a pack for beginners. This Pack is very loosely based on traditionally lines generally speaking.

But the representations and some of the cards are not at all traditional and may make it somewhat difficult for a beginner to read effectively.

Typically illustrated pack with dragons that have lovely faces full of character, the colours are muted and very appealing and appropriate.

This is a pack of that is a must for draco-philes, and the detail is lovely on all the cards.

The book that is available with this pack is excellent and is a very good general guide to Tarot.

Very mediaeval in content and a lovely pack to own or give.

The Universal Goodess TarotThe Universal Goddess Tarot. although basically designed from traditional tarot, this pack is difficult to understand and follow and is difficult to make flow..Semi Traditional. Difficult to read without some little knowledge of the tarot. All cards have descriptive Goddess pictures, but some have little relevance to the cards depicted.
Beautiful cards depicting various Goddesses in different styles and from various cultural backgrounds.
 Each card give a deal of written information on the card itself

The colours on the backs of the cards are very muted and easy on the eye. This is a lovely pack and has a real 'depth'  Good to work with and very appealing in certain types of readings.
For Goddess oriented readers this pack is a must.
I would recommend this as a change from the more archetypal packs.

 Legacy of the Divine Tarot. this fabulous and beautiful pack is loosely designed on tThe Divine Legacy Tarotraditional lines, each card is an artwork in itself, and together with the Gilded tarot is in my favourite top five. However this is a difficult pack to read, because the beauty of the cards themselves presents something of a distraction.. definitely not a pack for the beginner, but a joy to read.. Semi Traditional. Not suitable for beginners with little knowledge of the tarot. All cards have descriptive pictures, some representations not at all traditional.
This pack is unique and very beautiful although it has its dark side too!
Telling the story of a world long ago destroyed and then re-made by the few wise ones who were left, this pack has its own intricate story to tell!
Ciro Marchetti (who also created the Gilded Tarot & Tarot of Dreams) its artist and creator has here invented something that is more than simply a tarot pack...When using it it seem to almost have a life of its own...perhaps the next step?
Not all of the cards in this pack show the traditional meanings, but they are a must to own as they so stimulate and inspire.
A beautiful and symbolic pack ...with soul!

 Tarot of Dreams. from the designer of the Gilded tarot and the Legacy Tarot, this pack is tTarot of Dreamsruly beautiful! based on traditional lines but with extra cards and added, this is a pack for some one who has already got to grips with the concepts of reading tarot, and is ready to move on to something with more substance...Semi traditional. Not really suitable for beginners.
All cards have descriptive pictures, some representations not traditional. Four extra focus cards added.
This is without doubt one of the loveliest packs that I have been privileged to own!
The art work is out of this world, and the people I swear are real! There is a really 'magical' feel to this pack and it is a treasure to own.

I have used this pack as an aid to magical workings and also spell-work and it is superb for that purpose!
Buy it whether you can understand the cards or not...it will teach you itself how it is to be read, it has its own story and purpose, and perhaps its own dreams.
A truly magical production...Bravo Ciro!

Morgan Greer TarotThe Morgan Greer Tarot. Having used this pack for years I find it also very admired byMorgan Greer back clients...there is a definite 'friendly/comforting' feel to it...A wonderful pack for beginners, this pack closely follows the Rider Waite tradition and is a very traditional and easy to understand pack.
I find it also very admired by clients...there is a definite 'friendly/comforting' feel to it
The colours are bright and vibrant and there are no coloured edges to the pictures which I personally like.

I have always however felt that the backs of this pack lets the front down to some extent, and I have noticed that there is sometimes a variation of colour intensity on the backs which is unfortunate and leads clients to tent to all pick the same darker cards....
Apart from this it is a first class tarot pack!

Tarot of Vampyres backs
Tarot of VampyresTarot of Vampyres. A new vampire tarot deck, and to my mind by far the best to date! Pictures are stunning and the whole atmosphere surrounding the cards is relevant to the dark and mysterious subject. A must for Vamps & Goths!...Traditional Rider Waite style. However not suitable for beginners with little knowledge of the tarot. All cards have descriptive pictures, most picture representations not traditional.
To my mind this is by far the best Vampyre Pack to date! Pictures are stunning and the whole atmosphere surrounding the cards is very relevant to the pathos of this dark and mysterious subject.
The backs of the cards are also wonderful with their blood red roses on grey black thorns.

At the same time these cards are beautiful and depict the best romantic view of vampirism, and unlike many of the recent vampire packs are not simply out to shock. They are true to the gothic atmosphere of the subject.
For myself, a confirmed Vamp, these are the best I have used/owned and some of the cards would make wonderful framed art!
A joy to own and work with!
The book that is part of the kit  'Phantasmagoria' is a great read! and full of info and ideas.

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