Crystal Talisman Pouch for 2014

Psychic Phone Readings with Crystal Green.Crystal Protective Talisman in Pouch for 2014 UK only

Talisman pouch and stoneAs well as using crystals directly for healing, we can carry them with us to uplift, heal, protect and empower us… To do this a little pouch worn around our neck or carried in a bag or pocket is ideal!

Here at SilverMoon we can prepare a pouch for you, choose the crystals that you need for any particular thing, for example sadness,

a broken heart, to bring healing, to provide protection and much more. The crystals chosen are kept in our sanctuary overnight having been anointed with our special oil, then placed in a little leather bag with a thong that you can either were around your neck or simply carry with you in a pocket or a bag.

Crystal will make up a pouch that is tailored to your needs, so please remember to let us know what they are. She will choose which crystal tumble-stones will be the most appropriate for you for 2014, Pouch will be £8.50 including postage. (please note that tumble-stones and leather cover may be slightly different to the picture, and there will be at least 3 different tumble stones. depending on what Crystal suggests for you!) If your vegan and not happy with leather please say so and your pouch will be vegan material)

 The tumble-stone in its lovely pouch will be attuned to the energies that you need to strengthen & protect you this year, and designed for your special needs. It will be also be matched to the Chakra that may be most needy during the coming year!
The crystals' attunement will take several days depending on the Moon's Phase so allow at least one full week before expecting delivery by Royal Mail.

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