Sun thro Rain

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sun  Sun thro' Rain

As the first rays of sun filtering through dark clouds bring hope of better weather, so this Rune promises a gradual end to your problems, and hopes of a sunnier future.

You are coming to the end of a trying and stressful time, You have been brave, and born yourself like a warrior, and are now near to the time of reward.

Accept things as they are, in the knowledge that all things change and we move on eventually, Your problems were Karmic and beyond your control to affect, Take comfort in your ability to smile through tears as the sun shines thro' rain!

Permit yourself to look to the future and make decisions now. There will be parts of your life that are no longer relevant and will need to be changed. A radical re-think of those friends who have been supportive during your time of trial, and those who have not may be a good place to begin!

Above all, Be kind to yourself!

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