Spirit Release.


Spirit Release & Soul Retrieval.

House Clearance (below)

These are practices that goes back to ancient times, Right from the dawn of civilisation, mankind has often found himself in the position where he has had to go to another and perhaps wiser person or Shaman, to ask for cords or attachments be taken away.  Or the Soul to be made whole again. Often this was done through trance or dance, using sage smoke or incense… there are many many ways to achieve this and all of them were used in olden days.

Often the problem is that a spirit has got itself lost, and when it attaches itself to someone it will bring with it the problems that it had immediately prior to its death, and if it was a traumatic death it may even bring the after-effect of this also…. Then we have to gently but firmly persuade it to leave its host and move into the light.

Sometimes we have to perform Soul Retrieval, which is quite a different thing as there is no invasion by a remote spirit here, but is the case of your own soul having slightly fractured off due to some trauma in your life and having got itself lost. This can be retrieved and re attached which makes the person 'whole' again. A shaman would have travelled through vision questing to find and retrieve this part of your soul that is lost for you, today we do it in a similar way but remotely. In today's society this work is usually undertaken by a light work, a psychic or clairvoyant, spirit medium or healer.

Spirit Release is about removing inappropriate spirit contact that has gained an  attachment to us in one way or another, sometimes in extraordinary circumstances and sometimes just in our normal everyday life.

Soul Retrieval is about gathering up parts of our own Soul or essence that has sheared off because of shock or trauma of some kind.

So why are we likely to suffer from spirit attachment?  Well, the most likely reason is because we have become vulnerable due to emotional stress or something happening in our life that we find very difficult. At the times of losing someone, losing our livelihood, someone moving out of our life or  marriage breakdown, all these areas of our lives are quite likely to leave us vulnerable enough for spirit to attach to us. Spirit Release involves cleansing and clearing of the Auric system the body, mind and spirit, Spirit bonds are found anywhere in the body although they probably start on the outside of the aura, in a very short space of time they will work themselves inward and then often manifest themselves as physical problems in our life, and in our bodies.

The problems that can be caused by spirit attachment are:- anxiety, stress, memory problems and the feeling of perhaps having multiple personalities, sometimes thinking that you can hear voices talking to you, depression, behaviour changes, lack of sleep and recurring nightmares, lack of energy and often problems with food and alcohol. (over consuming) It is often thought that some cases of ME respond well to Spirit Release.

Releasing spirit back into the light is a very specialised skill, and these days competently undertaken by psychic workers and light workers. We at Silvermoon pride ourselves on the attention we give to your problems, and have an excellent record of peace to those who are afflicted with spirit and negative invasion in their aura.

Our work is done with the very best of intentions, and of course always performed ‘within the light!’  Spirit release is very different to exorcism although to some extent they are achieving the same purpose. In spirit release we negotiate with the entity and lovingly make it understand that it needs to be elsewhere, sometimes the spirit that is attached to you is as confused as you and has no idea where it should be, or how to get there! In spirit release will take over working with the spirit for you and there is very little that you need to do, you will be given a short meditation and perhaps asked to sit in front of a candle and focus on certain things whilst we are working, but apart from this all the work is done remotely and you could almost say within the etheric field.

As light workers we will always protect you, and never put you in any danger.  Spirits are released gently but firmly, after release your aura is cleansed and soothed with healing white energy. We will perform backup cleansing for the two following months after your main spirit releasing, and will keep in touch with you for as long as you need us during that time. You will be sent a report afterwards of what exactly we have done for you and what we found, also we will offer extended back up for you after the two months for a small fee (£20.00).

House Cleansing.

Often there are situations within houses that make it difficult for us live in them peacefully. These are not true ‘ hauntings’ but simply a sort of photo image that is left on the very fabric of the building itself.  A simple cleansing will sometimes clear this in the same way that any videotape can be wiped and re-recorded on, what we need to do here is wipe away the old impressions and replace with our own, of peace calm and contentment.

There are a variety of reasons for this.  Sometimes houses can retain a sort of photo recording of other people and other times, that have lived in them in the, this can sometimes cause disturbance to the present occupiers. 

Others are true hauntings, where someone has passed over either in the house, or some way associated with it or the place where it is built, and is unable to find rest or to move on into the Light.  Again a simple cleansing and request to the unsettled spirit to move on, done in a gentle and positive way, will usually do the trick, it is quite unusual to find hauntings that cannot be taken care of easily and gently in this way.  But if you do sense something that is very disruptive or frightening you in some way, then it's better to bring in someone who is skilled in the way of exorcism, because this is what will need to be performed, this is also often the case where a house has been built on an ancient burial site, where the spirit are disturbed and displeased. But we are not concerned with exorcism at this point.

I however the 'haunting' is not too difficult to deal with then we can deal with it in the same way as we do Spirit Release from a person...please email us about your situation before booking if this is the case and we will advise you.


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Disclaimer: Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings, advice  & spellwork are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'. All of our many readings are aimed at being helpful to our clients. Please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision.  You need to be over 18 to use this service.