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Many of our psychic readers are Spirit Mediums and rely on their own Spirit Guides and other medium spirits to bring both information and confirmation to you!

It may be that the beloved that you wish to contact is not presently available. Spirits are not static and often move into 'rest periods' where they can review their past incarnations in solitude. A medium is not able to achieve contact at this time!


Also violent or unexpected deaths and suicides can often leave the spirit in a fragile state, which requires that they are 'cocooned' in healing light, surrounded by those of their loved ones also in spirit who choose to surround them with healing love at this time.... to give them time to recover.


This time can take many of our 'earth years' to achieve the level of healing needed, but may be like the  'blink-of-an-eye' to the spirit concerned. Again a medium may not intrude here! Mediums have boundaries and rules like everyone else.


Spirit MediumsUsually if a question is asked that requires an answer from Spirit, it will be answered by whoever (in Spirit) is able to answer at that time through a medium...if the person you seek to reach is not available...so please do not be disappointed if the person you are especially looking for does not reply. Often it will be your Spirit Guide who will take the burden of answering your question through one of our clairvoyant readers.


We all at Silvermoon strive to obtain the very best result for you during your readings...If the contact you seekSpirit readings at Silvermoon is able to connect with us then we are delighted to facilitate through our medium....please be aware of this! But please be willing to accept all that is given to you by the medium even if at the time it may not seem to be what you are seeking....time will often tell a different story....


Let Spirit be your guide....

With Blessings!  



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