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Sodalite pendantSodalite

The crystal you have chosen to day is sodalite.

Sodalite will allow you to 'speak your truth' today in a very positive and honest way, and it may be that this will be important to you as the day goes on.

Sodalite protects us from the duplicity of others, and you will see through this immediately and know how to respond if you carry a small piece of sodalite in your pocket  and can handle it from time to time as a ' worry stone'

 This crystal is excellent for anyone who is focalising a group of people or public speaking. It is the crystal that teachers should never be without!

Today you may feel that you need a little help to say what you need to say in front of others, and Sodalite will help you to do this and at the same time to  protect your integrity  from all who may wish to confront you.

  Speak as you feel! allow your truth freedom.