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snowflake obsidian


Snowflake Obsidian

The crystal you have chosen today is snowflake obsidian.


This crystal comes into your life to suggest to you that you need to be strong in certain situations, where it  would be very easy to simply give up and let others have their way.

When you  know that  you are right, have the courage to say so and to accept the consequences.  You are stronger than you think!

When you speak from a place of power and confidence, others will listen and will no longer take advantage of you.


Take time before you speak to be sure of your facts, and to be sure of what you mean, and when you have spoken your truth then let others make what they will of it.  You are being true to yourself and that is all that is required.

A small piece of snowflake obsidian in your pocket will help give you the courage of your convictions.