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snake    Snake

Snake represents caution and defence! look to which parts of your life need attention from the strength and flexibility of Snake.

Someone may be subtly manipulating you for their own ends, remember that you have the power to block the intrusion! Take time to focus on yourself and think how you appear to others. Perhaps you are unconsciously giving them permission to control you to some extent? could it be time to take that permission back and be your own person?

Remember that we all have free will, It is up to you how you react to any given situation, only you can decide whether to be compliant ore on the defence. Snake comes into your life to tell you that in a subtle way you have given away control and now is the time to regain it!

Also be aware of your health at this time, Problems with digestion and the base Chakra may need attention. Consider a Chakra balancing and cleansing treatment, or any other treatment that makes you feel fine be it a massage or whatever you feel drawn to.

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