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Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz

The crystal you have chosen today is a smoky quartz.

This crystal comes into your life at a time when perhaps you can not see a clear path forward in your life.


Sometimes it is very difficult to see where we are going, and even more where we wish to go!  Things seem to be wrapped in mystery and life can be very difficult.

Among the many gifts that smoky quartz can bring to us, is the ability to clear away the visual obstructions so that we can actually 'see' and identify what we really want for the future. In olden days this crystal was used as a 'scrying stone' as it is easy to see visions within its smoky depths.

Today it is asking you to except help in your life with situations that you cannot perceive clearly yourself, and where that this is help from someone close to you, or help from a professional person,   It may be confirming that  help may well be needed at some point in the future.

Meantime carry a small piece of smoky quartz in your pocket so that it may support you and enable you to 'see' with enhanced clarity.