Search for the Grail.

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The search for the Grail

Love and Self Love

 The Grail at SilvermoonThe grail is the mythical golden cup that the Christ supposedly drank from at the last supper, and is reputed to heal all the ills of the world.

Our personal Grail is the gold that we find within, that can change our lives from being passive, and unsatisfied to active and content! No more or no less than that!!!

To connect with our personal Grail, we have to first stop seeing the world in the narrow way that we do, and secondly, begin to realise what we really are, and our relationship to the world as it is now, in the past and in the future.

We are eternal beings of light!

Our time in each incarnation is just a drop in the ocean compared to our full spiritual lives, once we can believe this and really believe it..... we begin to expand our consciousness, and to become more at ease with the world as it is!


Our first task is to connect with higher self, and to be comfortable with this.

LISTEN ! To what the little voice inside is saying to you! Ask when you are in doubt about something, believe that part of you, the Higher Self, has all the knowledge of the universe at its disposal, so ask, and listen !!!!

Despite whatever we call them, we come into any incarnation equipped with our own helpers (Angels & Spirit Guides)

Considering Love.

Love and self LoveConsider love, what do we say? “I love you because your mine!

This form of love is simply an extension of the ego! In this case our idea of love is an image in our head, we love the person because the image is perfect for us, it is in fact, in a way a projected image of all that we ourselves wish to be, whether male or female!

If however we are betrayed by the person that we have this wonderful, loving image of, we begin to feel rage, and can quickly become hard hearted, even to the extent of hating the betrayer!

This is possession rather than love.

To some extent we all carry images in our head of the person that we wish to love, only when we find a match for the image, do we “Fall in Love”, this is how attachment begins!

This sort of love is seeking a mirror for itself, and in nine out of ten cases will eventually fail.

To fully love without attachment, we first must learn self-love, and then Spiritual love, when we can be at ease with ourselves and with our past, then we are open to real love.


Imagine a handsome man or woman, one who fills all your requirements, and who would be the perfect person for you, (this may be someone that you know, or are with, or it may not.)

Close your eyes and see them. (wait for moment)

Then very gradually take them thro’ the ages, from whatever age you are seeing them at now, see the face getting older, the back becoming bent, perhaps they have a stick to walk with, or are even in a wheelchair,

How do you feel about them now? Could you still love them the same?

Only when you can love the beloved in all ages and situations is it real love without attachment.

How ever closely bonded you are with your loved one, always “allow the winds of heaven to blow between you” this is detachment!

ONCE WE STOP SEEING LOVE AS AN EMOTION, AND ACCEPT IT AS A UNIVERSAL FORCE are we able to experience universal love and contentment at its fullest! DISCUSS!



Psychic readings at SilvermoonReincarnation—rebirth—The home of Souls—Soul Groups—lessons

Question— Do you believe in Reincarnation?

From the wealth of evidence that we have from Past Life Therapists it seems that there IS life for the Soul after bodily death, and that the system (barring the idea of Hell) is very similar to the one preached for many thousands of years by the major religions. During hypnosis, people have been re-gressed to their most recent deaths, and back to “Home” for the soul, thro many conversations with these subjects it seems that we do return many many times to earth, in situations of our choosing to learn or re-learn lessons, and that when we “die” we are met by our Guide,-Angel– and friends/family who have passed on before us, who are there to ease the passage and to show us where we need to be.

Soul Groups.

We do have spiritual families and frequently are re-born with members of the group, especially as close relations. This is why we recognise them as soon as we see them in this life, the eyes give the game away! So we are never alone, we all have our peer group so to speak, with us!


If then we are safe with our beloved group of Souls, why should we fear death?

We have only to recognise and believe what in fact all the major religions have been telling us about life after death, (which is now being confirmed by past life therapists) to feel confident and happy about our own death and subsequent reappraisal and rebirth. We should prepare for death (a natural one) in the same way as we prepare for any other event in our lives. Sudden or violent death can never be prepared for, but there is always our guides and helpers to ease us into the light.


As a learning soul we must forgive ourselves for things in the past, and simply accept them as lessons that are perhaps more difficult than others to learn. To dwell on them in a negative way will simply hold us up in our progress!

If we take these matters on board, we begin to realise that what is of most important to us, is how we evolve and find joy and contentment within. This is the key to our spiritual development, and the sign that we are progressing in our search for our own Grail and enlightenment!

Immortality can be lived in the midst of mortality.

Time and the timeless are not opposites. Because it embraces everything, the timeless has no opposite.

At the level of the ego, we struggle to solve our problems. Spirit sees that the struggle is the problem.

Every aspect of yourself is immortal, even the parts you judge most harshly!


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