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Scottish seers.


Theo Green AstrologerTheo Green Psychic Astrologer.

Scotland has always been associated with ‘Seers’ those who could see and can predict the future.

One of the best known of course has to be Kenneth Mackenzie also known as Coineach Odhar or the Brahan Seer.  Supposedly born in the early 17th century on the island of Lewis, Kenneth Mackenzie was thought to have made many predictions for the future many of which did actually come true!


However, like a lot of ancient folk stories, even his life can not be substantiated and it may well be that many instances of lesser seers predictions have been attributed to this well-known, yet perhaps mythical figure.


Second sight has always been associated with certain areas, the Highlands of Scotland and the west coast of Ireland in particular, and there are still many powerful seers in this present age.

Much of the information gained comes in the manner of a ‘ vision’ to the seer or psychic… sometimes in a dream, or in that state between sleeping and waking where we are open to the paranormal. Often the vision is unclear and symbolic, and it is for the seer to interoperate it.


Many of us present day psychics use tools to help us in our quest for information, such as crystal balls, scrying bowls or mirrors.  Any surface which allows us to ‘see’ into different a dimension… ‘through a glass darkly’

Many who have had this gift in the past have wished to have the gift of prophecy taken away from them, but it would seem that once you have accepted the gift, you are stuck with it for life.

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Fortunately I am not burdened with pre-knowledge of tragic world events, but I do  know of contemporaries who are, and it is a terrible thing to know of a tragedy where lives are perhaps lost, and feel that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Usually by the time the tragedy is seen by the psychic, things have started in motion and it has become already too late to prevent it.


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As in many other areas of life, different seers/psychics have slightly different gifts, and we can develop them or neglect them as we choose.


My own predictive gifts are usually stimulated by the person who is sitting in front of me in a psychic reading… and my speciality is giving them a month by month guide to the coming year which many find really accurate and helpful.


However, I also have the disconcerting tendency to know sometimes when people are about to die!  And it is intensely difficult on being introduced to someone and shaking hands with them, to suddenly realise that their lifespan is shortly to come to an end… As a young adult I found this quite upsetting, but like everything else in life…if it is part of your life then you get used to it in time.

(note: avoid shaking hands with a powerful psychic if you do not want them to ‘know’ all about you, it is amazing how much information becomes evident to us with a simple handshake!)


Many psychics or seers work together with a personal spirit guide or helper. This guide provides something of a bridge and protection between the present world and the world of Spirit.

This is an essential when doing ‘spirit work’ channelling spirit or connecting in any way with the world of spirit, because it provides us with a safety factor.

I suppose I could say it gives us someone on our side, who is also ‘on  the other side’!


Often during a psychic reading, if I find it difficult to get the required information, I will ask my own spirit guide Thomas, whose last incarnation was as a 16th century cleric, to help me.  Thomas brings a lot of clarity to my readings and finds me information in places it would be impossible for me to visit myself.


Distant viewing is another ability, and this can be developed by training and discipline.


This enables someone to see far off places, and even see what is going on in them at any given particular time. 

In World War II psychics were trained as distant viewers, and were used by the War office I believe to see what the enemy was up to… with varying success…. but personally I feel that this is more a skill to be used by a Mentalist than a psychic, and I feel that it is not a true psychic gift, but simply a development of part of the mind that we as yet know little about.

This is my personal opinion and I may be quite wrong.


For many of us, although we may not have the blinding flashes of pre-knowledge that many seers have, if we are in tune with our intuitive side, we will often have a ‘gut feeling’ about certain events or people in our lives. This should never be taken lightly, and we should learn to trust our intuition, because intuition is the precursor to psychic knowledge, and to develop it can only be to our advantage!



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