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  Below is a 'composite' of many genuine Past-life readings given by Crystal in the past. The reading that you order will be of approximate length depending of course on price, plus a 'Card for the day' and your Numerology information.

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Past life Reading by Crystal/Alice, Reading for .......

Reading is composed of:-

At least one pastlife related by Crystal. Angel Card for the Day. Numerology Information.

Birth numerology number four, the number of stability.  Reading using scrying bowl, crystals and trance.

Please note, we experience many, many past lives as eternal spiritual beings, and the ones that may be revealed here, may be quite recent (perhaps even your latest life before this one) or may be quite ancient. Sometimes lives are seen in great detail, and sometimes mere glimpses of successive lives are seen, whatever Crystal manages to capture for you will be given to you in as full detail as is possible.

 (Word count of this Reading is approximately .....)


Thank you for ordering a Past-life Reading from me at Silver Moon.

I have two quite clear past lives to you today ......, and I will relate them to you in as much detail as is possible, but please be aware that you are an old spirit and have had many many past lives.

Your Questions...(personal)

My answers to you......(personal)

 In the first past life that I have been able scry for to you today, I see you as a young woman with two children ......., and I see that your husband has been killed in some kind of very bitter and bloody fighting!  I see that you are very unhappy and even though three or four years have taken place and this event happened you have never recovered from it emotionally.

Your two children and yourself are alone, one is nine and the other is seven at the age that I am seeing you all, you are for the most part supported by your dead husband's family, but because they are not wealthy themselves  life is very hard for you all.  Life was a struggle but you made money where you could and did what work you could to earn money to keep your little family together, and as your eldest son grew what he became very clever and was able to be educated enough to have a good position as a solicitor or lawyer or something similar at that time.  From that point in your lives life got a lot better, and eventually when he married (  he married into money, someone in a similar position to himself with a richer family,) he was able to buy a good-sized house and from that point on you were well looked after as was his younger brother who became an artist in wood.  Your eldest son and that incarnation is also in your present incarnation and again male, and could be a partner or brother possibly or even farther or Uncle.......

 This was a very difficult lifetime for you...... at the beginning of the incarnation, but it became far easier as time went on. You died at about the age of 60 ..... and it appears to have been a heart attack.

During this lifetime you suffered with stomach and abdominal problems that were largely untreated, (as you could not afford to have them treated) and I believe that perhaps in this lifetime or so you may suffer with stomach problems as a direct connection to this past lifetime?

The next time I see you ..... is in the 16th century and you are some kind are of the nurse or midwife more likely, I see you as a middle-aged woman of about 45, who lives on the edge of the village in possibly Derbyshire, it appears to be that sort of countryside to me, possibly the Staffordshire Derbyshire border.

 You live in a small thatched cottage, which is very cosy and very neat, and you appear to work a great deal with herbs and your own remedies, I would almost say you were a ‘ wise woman’ of the village......, of course in another way you can construe that as ‘ witch’ as it was people like yourself in that incarnation that were persecuted at that time.

however as far as you were concerned I cannot see anything like that happening to you, so perhaps this was possibly just a little earlier than the witch hunts at that time?

I do not know what your name is in this incarnation ....., but I hear other people are addressing you as ‘ Mother Brownlee’ (or similar)

 You were very kindly and good with children in this incarnation, and I see many children being brought to you with some sort of skin complaint… something that seems to cause a dry itchy skin in them, but I do not know what this would be at that time.  I can see you pounding herbs and creams together in a pestle and mortar (a very rudimentary one made out of stones) and applying it to the skin of these children, which had are cooling effect and stopped them scratching.  I also see you giving them some kind of drink made of berries, so I wonder if this was some kind of problem caused by lack of vitamin C ?  And that you intuitively knew what to give them?  I believe that you were in fact very psychic in this incarnation  ...... (and I believe you are in this incarnation also but perhaps you are not aware of that yet?)

In this incarnation you lived to be a very old lady for that time, probably round about 65 which would be old then.

You tell me that you also have trouble with your weight which you have discovered goes deep into early life, and you ask...how far is that  ago?

 Let me tell you about the first life connected to this weight problem that I see for you  my dear…

I see you in a prison cell, this is I would say 15th century somewhere in the Middle East but I cannot be more precise than that.  For some reason you have been incarcerated because of your faith, which does not fit in with the faith of the leaders at that time… I see that you have been quite badly tortured, and that your back has being injured beyond repair (and I wonder if you have back problems in this incarnation also?)

Eventually because you would not recant whatever it was that they wished you to (probably your own religion,) you were left to starve in the prison with only water, which you can imagine it took a long time (without water you would have died within days) this time is agonising for you due to the pain in your back which I believe to have been more or less broken…. can you see how this affects you in this current life time?

I have seen you as a man of about 40 when I first become aware of you......, you are a teacher at a very large school possibly either on the outskirts of Birmingham or a town very near to Birmingham.  I was able to get your name in this incarnation ..... which was ..............or very similar to this.  You came from quite wealthy parents who had fallen upon somewhat difficult times due to difficulties with some particular industry at that time, but I am unable to say exactly what this was.  You decided to go into teaching because you needed some kind of employment to earn a living and you had come from a background where you had been taught privately and so you were very knowledgeable generally.

 You actually grew to love the work and put all your energy into it and became a fine teacher!  You were particularly good with older children up to the age of about 14, and at some point in your life when you were older you were instrumental in setting up in school for street children of which there were many at that time.

your hobby was writing, and you contributed to many periodicals and magazines at that time.  You were working on a book later in life, but I do not know whether it was published or not......, and believe it may have been published under a false name as they often were at that time.

 You did marry in this incarnation and had children, two little boys one of whom was called ....., but I suspect that that was not his correct name and that his correct name might have been the same as your own, but a name that he was called, a sort of pet name by his parents, the other was called........ 

I have also seen you as a teacher in many other times in circumstances...... and it seems as if this is also something that runs through many of your lifetimes.

 I have seen you as a very spectacular exotic dancer in New Orleans quite recently in the last few hundred years, where you were well-known and quite a celebrity!  But I was not able to obtain a name for you I am sorry!

 You have had many many past lives this is simply a glimpse of those that I see running through my scrying bowl, and if at any time you have another past life reading with myself or with someone else, they may discover more about these lives that I have given you, or they may discover a totally new ones as you have had so many my dear.

 I have added one of the Angel cards picked at random today for your reading, to see what it would add.  And the card that I chose at random is......


I hope you have enjoyed your reading with me......

I wish you many blessings for the future!



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