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Reading for Joan £30.  Reading by Crystal.

Birth numerology number Nine, the number of completion

Reading using Traditional Tarot, Traditional Celtic Runes, and Scrying Bowl.

 (Word count for this reading is approximately .......)

 Dear Joan,

Thank you for ordering a reading from me at Silver Moon first of all I shall do General Reading for you to see what's happening in your life right now, and what's likely to happen in the future for you.  I shall then answer your questions fully any give you any information that might help you at this time.  I shall end by choosing a  ‘fairy card’ or a 'medicine card' for you today, and add your birth numerology information for your interest.

If after your reading you need to get back to me for any reason, for clarification or simply to comment on your reading, please do so using the e-mail address at the top of this reading.  I may not be able to get back to you immediately, but I will get back to you within the week if at all possible!


 First look at your cards which I have set out today in a general configuration Joan, tells me that there is a feeling of loneliness surrounding you at the moment you and I think this is because you feel to some extent disconnected to those that you love, perhaps one person in particular.  I think that perhaps you have been affected by the planet Mars in past months, and this has caused some confusion and irresolution in your life, but I feel that over the next six months things will begin to resolve as Mars losses it hold on you, and you will be able to see your life far clearer and a far more positive manner.


this part of your life has a good feel about it for the coming year Joan, and I feel that is at whatever has been causing constriction whether it is financial or people who were around your home in the past year will begin to fade into a far more positive time generally, this is one of the areas that is definitely affected by Mars in the past, and so has to become more beneficial to you in the future.  I feel that you will make changes in your home and there is a possibility of movement also, but this is some way ahead.  So I would say for the coming two years you will manage to make your home into a far more ‘ workable’ area for yourself, and the atmosphere appears to be far calmer and happier.  I also feel there will be a change of home and you will move within the next seven years.


looking at your cards at the moment, I see you that is you are having to be quite rigid with your finances to allow yourself to do what you need to do.  I believe this is also quite short-term as I think that this will improve over the years.  Generally speaking Joan I do not see your time where finance is a desperate problem for you, and as you get on in life, I see that it will in fact improve tremendously by your own efforts and by the efforts of another.  Ultimately I feel that you may be very comfortably off in years to come.


this I believe is probably the most important part of your life in the coming five years, I believe that is to some extent you have missed the mark so to speak as far as career is concerned, and that you have skills and abilities that you are as yet not using and possibly not aware of!

as a true number three in numerology Joan, I believe that you have both psychic and healing skills, and I believe that you were use these to some capacity in the future and possibly associated with your career in perhaps an unusual way!  Your work should always be connected to people as you are most definitely a ‘ people person’ I believe that ultimately your career will be very successful, but it will take the next five years for you to achieve true success in this.


I can tell that this is difficult at the moment.  I believe you will be doing a lot of thinking over the coming months, and at some points you may possibly be very tempted to give up on a very special friendship/relationship at this time.  However I feel that as the year progresses there is a new energy and a far more positive feeling coming into your life where relationships are concerned, and you may find yourself moving away from your present situation into something more fulfilling.  By this I do not mean necessarily a new relationship!  It could simply be a relationship that you're in that the moment changing into another form for you that is far more satisfying Joan 


 Your questions

Will my partner and I see improvements in our business this year?

Cards drawn:-

Three of Pentacles

Hanged Man

The cards that I have chosen at random Joan suggest to me that this may be a busy year for you in this aspect.  I believe that you will progress but it may be in a backwards/forwards motion… sometimes things will go ahead very quickly for you and other times you will hit some kind of block, but generally speaking over the whole year I believe you will have made progress… my feeling is that the breakthrough will come in 2009/10!

You ask....

Recently I met someone who was very important to me in my past and I then realised I still may have feelings for them.  have you any thoughts on this?

Cards drawn:-

King of pentacles

King of cups

The combination of these two Kings show a person with the ability to move from one characteristic to another, generally speaking this person is grounded and good with money, ambitious and knows what they want.  However where emotions are concerned they find it a little more difficult to deal with as I believe that something has made this person a little repressed/resentful in the past, and there may be unresolved issues also present.

I believe that there is interest here on both sides, but my feeling is that this person has quite a lot to lose if they were to give up on what they had at the moment and go into a new relationship... so to be a little clearer about this, I feel that the interest/attraction is definitely there, but perhaps it is not the right time or place for this person to show you their feelings... thus the mixed messages!

I suggestion here would be to give this time, let this person get used to the new situation which was to some extent very unexpected for them as indeed I believe it was you!  I believe things may change rapidly particularly roundabout August this year.  It may well be worthwhile just waiting and seeing before you make any more messages available yourself towards this person.... be happy friendly and lively and I think that this will give the other person the time and space to decide what it is they would like to do.


I have added one of the Doreen Virtue fairy cards picked at random today for your reading, to see what it would add.  And the card that I chose at random is…

 Peace of Mind

 Meaning of the card; make peacefulness your highest priority.  Commit to taking steps to ensure peace of mind, and take those steps without delay.

 Peace of mind isn't something you have to learn or acquire, since your  true self is already peaceful.

Instead, it requires being like a sculptor with a block of marble, who works with this material until the inner masterpiece is revealed.  If you can make peace of mind your main focus, you're inevitably feel a great sense of relief.

 Steps that create peace of mind include being honest with yourself, living according to your inner guidance, being helpful and kind to others, practising meditation or yoga or t'ai chi, eating only healthy and energy giving foods, avoiding toxins, maintaining healthy sleeping habits, avoiding negative people and media, surrendering your problems to your God, communing with nature, simplifying your life, and saying ‘ No’ when you need to!


Affirmation; my mind is now peaceful, and I know that all of my needs are automatically taking care of.  I can rest easily, assured that all is very well!



Your birth numerology number.

Your birth numerology number is nine which is the number of completion, and tells me Jennifer that something in your lifetime is connected to a past life and that you are learning the lessons from both.  Nine it may well be one of your lucky numbers as is three to a lesser extent…. a general information follows for your interest

 Please note that this is a brief explanation of the number which is your birth or ‘lucky’ number, a full numerology reading would be far more involved, and take more facts into consideration, this is rather like a newspaper horoscope, but nevertheless you should find much in it that explains who you are.


Your Numerology information follows........



Zodiac connections - Ruled by the planet Mars, and is connected with both Aries & Pisces so whatever your Sun sign is, it will be influenced by this your life Sign, bringing an overlay of Arien fire and Piscean water to quench it.

 Personality - Number 9 people are both creative and spiritual, they often find themselves helping in charitable institutions, and spending time helping the less fortunate.. They are courageous and selfless with a great regard for mankind and humanity in general, they are capable of great feats of mental/spiritual achievement. They are sometimes impulsive, and they are usually accident prone.

Nines are great fighters and will be unstoppable in any cause that they choose to take up!, they inspire some people and make enemies of others. They tend not to think before they speak and sometimes lack diplomacy, they usually have a clear inner picture of who they are, but can sometimes be conceited and over-opinionated. They make wonderful friends once you understand their ways of working.

Universal Meanings - Nine is the number of completion and represents the eight steps around the cycle of life and the still centre, the nine muses, in Freemasonry, the Nine Elected Knights,

Symbols are - Mars, the nine winged horses of Helios, The Sceptre and the Orb.

Life Path - To learn all that is possible about life and to help and encourage learning in others, to be of service to others, to show love, understanding and compassion, to always live up to your ideals, to never give up half way through projects, and to develop a keen understanding of all those that you meet on your path, and mankind in general.

Negative Tendencies - Can be petty minded at times and prejudiced, impatient, uncharitable and Intolerant. They resent criticism in any form, and should learn to think before they speak.

Relationships - For nines, relationships can be a mine field! They need a very specific type of person to be totally happy with, the very best combination would most certainly be with another 9. As although there would be periods of warfare there would also be times of great peace, and in-between times they would do much great work together, running a charitable business together would be an option as they would both have the fire and energy necessary, Another option would be a number 8. These people are also great visionaries, and together they could “put the world to rights”, the problem with this combination could be the tendency for both partners to need to take time out apart, which could ultimately lead to them drifting away from each other, and becoming involved in different lives.

Health and Herbs - Nines are associated with the muscular system, and may suffer for odd muscular pains for no apparent reason, and possibly rheumatism later in life, they seem to be more prone to contagious diseases than most, and should watch their kidneys. Garlic is most beneficial here, as are cooling herb teas, i.e., Lemon Balm & Mint of all sorts. Raw onion should be taken in salads, and nettle soup, as soon as the young nettles are available in the Springtime. Drink plenty of liquids generally.

Career - Teacher, Lecturer, Doctor, Therapist, Counsellor. All these would be splendid professions for a number nine. They are for the most part better working alone, and with lots of travel in their lives.

Tarot Connection - Number Nine Is connected with The Moon Tarot card, which represents prophetic dreams and vivid imaginations, Psychic abilities and one who likes fantasy and illusion.

Miscellaneous - Principal colours - Pink Rose Crimson Reddish-purple

Subsidiary colours - all shades of Blue 

To avoid - Green Yellow and Black

Gemstones - Rubies. Garnets. Bloodstones.  

Best day of the week for inspiration Tuesday

Best months of the year - September & June                      

Best years to come - 2009/10 - 2019 - 2028


I hope you have enjoyed your reading with me Joan

I wish you many blessings for the future!