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 (Crystal does not offer separate Rune readings, but uses  them when appropriate during Tarot readings)


Psychic runes

Runes are literally a form of writing and are more ancient than we can possibly know!


Runic inscriptions have been found in almost all ancient civilizations, and are in fact  often the first indication of progress.  


Today for divination we use many form of runes, the most popular being the Norse set, that were given to Odin as he hung on the world tree Yggdrasil.

Runes can consist of any medium that means something special to the reader, we have known people who use shells of differing shape, colour and size. or different tree twigs make lovely and very traditional runes.


The Shaman used various small sacred objects to devise pathways. These are all runes!

Crystal has a set of runes based on the old North American symbols that she designed herself and uses in combination with the Tarot.  


Always use Runes or Tarot that feel good to you personally, they will serve you well!


        “We walk in faith and not by sight”

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