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Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz

The crystal you have chosen today is rose quartz.

This is the crystal of love and affection, children and family. If you have been inspired to choose it today then all these things are important to you at the moment, and you may be busy with family and home ties so that it is difficult to create a space in your life simply for yourself.

  Perhaps children or young people need your attention right now?  Perhaps there simply isn't a great deal of time for your own personal needs?

Rose quartz is suggesting to you that you need also to nurture and 'mother' yourself as well as others, and only by being very strong and emotionally balanced yourself, are you able to juggle everyone else's problems and difficulties.

Rose quartz is the quintessential 'Love Stone' so...

...keep a small piece in your pocket and it will surround you with its love, protection and healing for the rest of the day.