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  Here is a fun way to do a simple and unusual reading for your friends! All you need is a Ribbon Readings for fortune telling.range of ribbons (just a few inches long) in all of theCrystal ball at Silvermoon colours below...and you can add your own colours as you go along if you wish, to make the reading more 'in depth'

How to read Ribbons!

 Set out the ribbons in whatever pattern you wish, but try not to leave a first and last evident, (circle is best) ask the person having the reading (we call this the 'querent') to choose six ribbons and carefully place them in front of you in the correct order of choosing.

Take the first ribbon as the basic personality of the querent.

Take the second ribbon as the most negative area of the querents life

Take the third ribbon as the most positive aspects of the querents life ( personality)

Take the fourth ribbon as the most beneficial way forward for the querent (actions)

 Take the fifth ribbon as the querents strengths (perhaps yet to be taped into)

Take the sixth ribbon as the most likely long term outcome.

 From these six ribbons (colours) it is possible to give a helpful and meaningful profile of the querent, and helpful information and advice.

These meanings should be taken as a guide and the colours should all blend together with the meanings, and the reader should use intuition to put the information together.

If in doubt ask the querent to pick a seventh ribbon

for clarification

psychic RibbonsBlack shows the need for secrecy and protectiveness, also bad self image, sometimes the querent may have leanings towards the occult, but generally an unhealthy first choice. If chosen later (after first four ribbons, may show that the querants has experienced a very dark period in their life but has to some extent recovered from it.

Red shows an attachment to the material word, as a first colour, shows that the querants is somewhat undeveloped in the Spiritual sense.  Can show a tendency to back problems later in life, this person may have deep seated issues regarding security (mostly financial) and could find it difficult to maintain relationships, when chosen as a secondary colour shows that the querants has their feet on the ground and is to some extent balanced (depending on how far away from the first colour it is chosen)

Home and family will be important where ever this colour is chosen.

Pink shows an enthusiastic and open personality, especially as a first. As a later choice it indicates an optimistic and outgoing  way of being.

Darker Pink as pink but intensified.

Orange when orange is chosen as a first colour may show a preoccupation with excesses, whether sex, drink, drugs or money, and an imbalance between the Spiritual and the Material, this personribbons may be suffering abuse of some sort or has done so in the past. Be very careful how this is approached! They may be very fragile! As a secondary colour ( especially after the fourth choice, they will probably be in the process of re-learning to “be in the world” as a balanced individual, and may be well on the way to enlightenment.

Peach Shows a tendency to indecision and being easily lead, especially as a first colour. As any colour after the fourth it can mean balance and self appreciation.

Yellow as a first choice can be an open and emotional personality, they have prospects and the ability to reach personal goals, as a secondary choice it may indicate a lack of power( second choice) or a growing awareness of their own personal power (fifth) or a complete reversal of personality from weak to strong over many years.

Green. As the first choice shows a loving and giving personality, perhaps too much so, one that is easily taken advantage of. Love of ones self and of others are relevant here, as is the balance between Body Mind & Spirit, this is the colour of balance and should ideally be chosen as a fourth of fifth ribbon, it is a positive colour and is for the most part beneficial, unless chosen directly after a first black ribbon, when it may indicate greed and jealousy!

Brown shows an earthiness, and connection with  nature wherever it is chosen.

Turquoise as a first, shows a strength of character and ability to recover from both illness and difficulties. As all others it shows the ability to bounce back.

Pale Blue show a growing Spirituality generally and as a first says that the querent is adaptable, cautious and persistent. A good colour anywhere in the reading meaning adaptability (except in the second where it may show the reverse)

Light Blue for the first it shows a need to be able to speak up for yourself, and at the same time an awareness of the difficulties in doing so (especially being able to say no!) generally it means growing communicational strengths.

Dark Blue As a first shows skills of Clairvoyance and comprehension, and self-knowledge. Anywhere as a later choice will temper difficulties and ad balance and good judgement.

Purple as a first, shows a connection with the Psychic side of the personality, the querent may have gifts of this sort that they are as yet unaware of. It is the mark of an evolved spirit, even if the present life is difficult. As a secondary colour it points to the querent using their ancient and arcane knowledge to assist them through this present lifetime. As the sixth it points to eventual success in both a material and spiritual way.

Pearl Grey shows an ‘other worldliness’ often seen in people who have had near death experiences, or who are very wise and  knowing, especially so as a first.

White often shows a need for simplicity and purity in the querents life, especially if chosen as a fourth, as a second it often means that the querent is trying to wipe out past trauma and cut ties with her past.


Legal disclaimer. Ribbon readings are for entertainment purposes only, SilverMoon takes no responsibility whatsoever for either the readings or the outcomes of reading, and offers the formula above in the nature of a game, rather than a serious reading. 

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