REVELATIONS FROM THOMAS FOR 2011 Channelled by Crystal     

Thomas is Crystals Guide who's last incarnation was as a 16th century cleric.

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Dear children, as you will doubtless remember last year's revelations of times to come were very dire, and I hope that I prepared you for them because they did eventually come… but now we must move on, but times are rapidly changing and we must be aware of what is happening, and know how to deal with the times that we are about to enter.


   There have been many shocks over the past 12 months, at a time when we thought things would perhaps get better and easier for us, things are invariably getting worse on many fronts.

The problem is that there has to be change, we have been wasting our resources, and worse than this we have been wasting our planet's resources and this must stop!

Now we have come into a time where, if we do not look at things afresh, re-evaluate what is important to us, and move forward in a different direction, we will suffer mightily both as a people and individually… this is no sensational warning that I am giving you my children, it is the truth!

I said to you last year that we are reduced to the difficulties we are experiencing simply because of greed.

There are those of us on this planet who are prepared to sacrifice the well-being and even the lives of others, simply so that they can be rich.

This has to stop!

There are those of us that continued to use a short-term policy of using up the earth's resources, again so that they can be rich..

This has to stop!

There are those who are indeed so ingrained in duplicity and self-righteousness, that it simply does not matter to them what happens to the rest of the world, as long as they have what they believe is their God-given right.

This has to stop!

We have to now be comfortable with a new way of living,

One which is based on respect for all, and a willingness to pull together to achieve the harmony and safety that there was once on this planet… yes this will take time, but small beginnings now may save us in the future.

We have lost touch with our greatest guide, which is our higher self.  We must re-establish connection with this vital part of ourselves… our souls… if we are to succeed.

We are being tested by the universe right now, and the universe is not concerned with individual doings, but with us as a people.

2011 will be hard, for many it will be make or break time.  Be positive, be perceptive, be willing to change… this will get you through!

With blessings has ever!