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 'Pure Reiki'

Past Long Term Registered Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

I have been a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher now for many years, and a practitioner for many more, I have noticed in the last few years that the way Reiki with Crystal Greenwe teach Reiki has changed a great deal.  Very little of this I believe to anyone's benefit except perhaps for the people who are charging increasingly extortionate fees!

You may find now that what I say is perhaps radical and perhaps unacceptable to you, but as an energy worker and healer for over 30 years, I  still believe  that  the basic principles apply where healing and passing  on  the ability to structure any healing is concerned still stand us in good stead.

Reiki with Crystal GreenI have with the help of others more learned than myself researched the way Reiki was taught by Dr Usui, and how it was re-defined (and why!) when it was brought to the west. I and many others now believe that a return to the source and the original concept of Reiki is now needed.


Before I continue let me set out my  thoughts  and  principles, and if you agree in any part of what I'm saying  then please read on,  because I  may be able to help you. Reiki is a wonderful and in some ways unique healing art, and in all of its very many varieties it seems to work, and work very well.  It is the ability to channel

Universal Healing Energy, and is a gift to us in troubled times!  It is our responsibility as Reiki Masters to make it available to all for a reasonable exchange of energy, whether that be money or barter or in some cases for nothing at all, sometimes it has to be given freely in the knowledge that payment will come from another sourse and in a different time.

Over the past 20 years, Reiki has become over-complicated, with in many cases ridiculously high fees, loads of politics and intrigues, unverifiable origins and mumbo-jumbo, and enough rules and regulations to start a new religion!

Let me present Pure Reiki to you the way I, and many others like me believe that it should be and is meant to be:

Reiki, which I call and introduce to you as 'Pure Reiki'

Reiki with Crystal GreenSimplified symbols that have more meaning to us as westerners, The Joy of Reiki with Crystal Greendepending on your own feelings about this.

NO ridged & complex hand positions. (Rather ‘intuitive  hand positions led by good & powerful attunements, and ongoing connection and reference to Dr Usui's teachings, and with loving leadership from your Reiki Master) Reiki is essentially simple, only in our greed do we make Reiki over complex so as to charge more for it!

NO complex and difficult to understand procedures that simply don’t make sense designed to add to the ‘mystique’.

NO insanely high fees that are simply impossible to raise for ongoing unnecessary new levels and spin-offs.

NO, on any account attuning of large classes of students (I hear of classes of 20 or more!) no more than 6 student should be attuned at any one time or in any one day (at the most two for Mastering).  In my experience inevitably some students will suffer from the above practice.  I have had to re-attune many students who have fallen prey to this practice over the past  years.

No attuning to two, or all three levels of Reiki in the same week-end. This is simply complete nonsense, dangerous and does not work, but is of course a ‘good money-spinner’ Reiki was never meant to be ‘mass produced’ we go slowly and in faith!.

NO nonsense! reikiIncluding ‘name dropping’ about who has been attuned by who!

What has happened to ‘humility’ in both teaching and learning?  The biggest danger at the moment I believe is ‘ego’… for the student it should be a privilege to learn from their Master… but never forget, for the Master it should be a greater privilege to be in the position to teach!  In this, as in all healing disciplines there should be love, humility, gratitude and respect.

This is the time to bring the ‘essence’ of Reiki as taught by Dr Usui back, and align it with the energies of the 21st century! 

Crystal Green. Reiki Master/Teacher.  Kundalini Master/Teacher. 



Reiki Healing

Reiki symbolReiki is a simple technique for the transference of healing energy through the hands.  The word “Reiki” means “Universal Life Energy”   Reiki Therapists learn to heal through training and through special attunements given during an initiation ceremony. These attunement open special channels in the giver so that the universal healing energy can flow where it is most needed. Over the past two years I have researched much of the original Reiki as taught by Dr Mikao Usui to his Buddist students, It seems that our western version is lacking in much of this...with the help of the wonderful research by  Frank Arjava Petter I personally have realized what a dynamic and wonderful system the original Reiki comprised of. Something I always suspected! So now I will share this with my own pupils and naturally those who come to me for Reiki treatments.

Many other complimentary therapists use Reiki alongside their main therapy and find that both are greatly enhanced.  Once attuned to Reiki, it is almost impossible not to allow the healing energy to flow where it will so strong is the power of this healing system!



Reiki symbolPure Reiki Training at Silvermoon.
Some notes........
At the present moment I have taken the decision to carry out attunements and training singly or in groups of no more than 3. 
I am simplifying the way I myself presently teach Reiki,  This is the way that it was done originally, and I can see no reason why it should not be done like this again.
 I do not attune to more than one level of Reiki at a time & I require six months to lapse between the attunements of Reiki one and Reiki two, during that time I am always available to help and support my students.
The time elapsed between Reiki levels two and Master level is required to be one year. And during that year the student needs to have actively worked with Reiki and be able to show through case studies that this is so.
I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, but do not necessarily agree with all of their principles and am something of a purest where Reiki is concerned. However the diplomas that you would receive  from me should you choose my services will be recognized for membership by the UK Reiki Federation as my lineage is very acceptable to them, and I have been with them for many years. To practice as a therapist and obtain insurance it is now required that you belong to an appropriate professional body
I personally feel that Reiki training should be available to everyone who wishes to have it, and although I have to charge for my time I try to ensure just that.  If you are interested in taking this exciting journey with me, then please contact me here.
With Bright blessings!

'Pure Reiki' Therapy Sessions with me!

 Shortly I will be working from my home in Buckie

For Reiki sessions. At present I am offering Sitting Reiki Treatments.

 Please text me (text only) to arrange on the number below....

 mob: 07815 727 262.


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