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Here below you will find pages of Psychic Information and Articles

that may answer some questions for you!

All the articles here on these pages
have been written by Crystal
or a member of her top team.

Life can be very confusing!

Here on these pages (and in the coming months)

I will try to provide information about a variety of subjects, that are relevant to the Psychic World!

Remember that there is no need to 'know' everything at once...

Take things slowly, one at a time and get to really understand each subject before you move on to the next.

There are many books that may help you....

These short 'snippets' may help to whet your appetite and encourage you to look further....!

Good luck ...

...and  Bright Blessings!

Crystal xxx

Scottish seers.

Grounding & Healing

The Lore of the Wise Woman

Mysteries of the Crystal Ball

Numerology with Maeve


Therapies (Reiki Meditation ect)

Totem Spirits


Wicca Explained

How to use psychic ability.

How can we find direction in these times.

Dowsing vegetables for health and happiness!



The Magic of Crystals.



The  Victorian Séance ….Is there anybody there?