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The Politics of Love + questions you may ask....

Being newly in love, it is often very difficult to act in a concerned and polite manner where others are concerned.

We are so fixated on the object of our passion, but often we act in a way thatorange flower normally would be unthinkable to us…We monopolise ‘ the  beloved’ to the point of embarrassment where our friends family and the general public are concerned, and we simply do not know or see that we are doing this!

Gazing constantly into someone's eyes in an adoring fashion is fine when the two of you are together, but doing it in public when people are trying to have a conversation with you, or at a party or group, where you would reasonably be expected to contribute the general ambience of the evening, can be annoying that everyone else concerned.

Yes, love tends to make this a little bit selfish and self-centred.Roses of Love

Eventually we come out of our a closed cocoon with ‘ the beloved’ and expect everyone to act normally around us and accepted back into their society! And often they simply does not happen.  Often we have caused so much annoyance to those friends closest to us, that they really don't want to know!  

In love, as in all things, we should strive to keep a balance in the way we treat others and treat ourselves.  Throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into a relationship is one thing, but causing hurt and embarrassment to others whilst we are doing this is quite unacceptable and unnecessary.

Loving Black CoupleKeeping everyone in the loop and letting them know that you are in a new and intense relationship may well help, without going into details, simply letting people know that this is something new and vitally important in your life, will allow others to create space that this and to take a back seat a little from a while whilst the relationship is at its most new and most exclusive time…. friends will simply wait to you to re-emerge into their society and will welcome you!

Being in love is no excuse for hurting other people!  We need to remember that we will not always be ‘ in love’ with this person even though we may love them for the rest of our lives… we will still need our friends when the passion has turned to something far more settled and concrete!

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Love and Roses

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