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PLATINUM ELITE Diamond Five Year Psychic Reading


Please note:- because of its intricacy this reading will take up to 10 days to be returned to you.

 Our Platinum Five Year Profile Reading has all the benefits of the Gold Star Psychic Reading (see below) plus a forecast season by season for the coming five years! This Platinum Reading gives you the general atmosphere surrounding that time, and the influences concerning important things such as money…movement…work and so on.



Also with your PLATINUM DIAMOND PSYCHIC READING you will get:-

A full and comprehensive Tarot reading from Crystal, With Full Astrology Information, from Theo,
A Love Reading  "Your Perfect Mate." (optional), Numerology Information, Past life Information, Karmic Information, And… if you wish it, Compatibility information for your relationship/s. (please give us your partners Date of Birth for this) Parts of this reading will be done by our specialists in that field, for example your past life information will be prepared by  Crystal, and
Information from 'Spirit' may be prepared for you by Maeve or Crystal.

A summery of your best/worst months for this current 12 months. A general summery of the coming 5 years...And answers for seven specific questions!.....

We are offering you a reading by the top psychics available today!

This reading comprises at least 4,500 words! And may extend far beyond that! And like all our readings offers a feedback service for you to comment or ask for clarity on any point. you may have to wait up to 10 days for this reading.

 THE PLATINUM PSYCHIC READING IS A JOINT READING BY CRYSTAL & THEO and senior members of Crystals team, with supplementary information on Spirit & Past Life  This reading is not offered by other readers on our site.

We value your privacy and will never pass on your comments or information to a third party!

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PLATINUM Psychic Reading will run to at least 4,500 words.
A PLATINUM Psychic Reading costs £450.00.

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 Date of Birth.   dd/mm/yyyy     ....

 Place of Birth.  (preferred)     ....

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 Questions/Information.     (Please give your address here if you require a Talismanic Pouch, and any information that you feel would help in this reading, plus partner information if compatibility match is required) and please say if you require a 'love reading' too. if you run out of space on the form, send extra information by Email on the address at the foot of this page, giving your name and Email address.)



  If you do not receive OUR confirmation within that timescale,

PLEASE TEXT US ON 07815 727 262

 Disclaimer: Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings & spell work are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'. All of our many readings are aimed at being helpful to our clients. Please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision.  You need to be over 18 to use this service.

you must be 18 or over to book readings from this site.

We do not and never have passed on information about our clients to any third party!

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