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Absent healing for pets!

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   Hi there!

This is Crystal.

We have over the years given homes to many cats, dogs, birds and other small creatures, many of whom have been in a poor way when they came to us, for example ....

'Nicely', a little cat of indeterminate age who was found starving on the outskirts of a village, we soon discovered that she was prone to bite! and quite savagely when she felt that she was under any sort of threat, but was nevertheless a loving and friendly little cat.

after initially putting her on a form of feline 'Prozac' from the vets, and with a lot of patience and love we calmed her enough so that she could live with us in some sort of harmony, although we still have to warn those who would pet her, as she is still somewhat unpredictable (even for her clairvoyant mum!) and explains theCrystal Absent Healing name we gave her!!!


'Little Precious' an ancient stray female tabby cat who had been in a terrible accident at some time, and was both deaf almost blind, suffered from epilepsy and had all four legs broken re-set as she hid out after her accident. as a result she walked with great difficulty. She was however a determined and strong little fighter for her life, and lived with us as an 'indoor cat' in the office until she passed away. Her last years with us were the nearest I think she had ever been to 'happy'!

These and many others have shared our home over the years, and we have nurtured, fed and to the best of our ability healed them.

We are now offering through this page Absent Healing for Animals,  so whatever your pets problem we will send healing!

Please tell us your pets name and problem, and we will put them on our pets healing list for a week


   We are often asked if we accept donations for Pet Absent Healing, especially for animals and pets who have dramatically recovered after being sent healing. If you wish to make a donation please do so below!

Crystal's Absent Healing for Pets with £10 donation.

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