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 Mystic psychic key readings from CrystalThe Mystery of the 13 Keys….psychic key readings
Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?
Have you ever had strange things happened to you such as going on holiday to a different country that you have never visited before, and suddenly finding that in a certain part of it you feel totally at home and almost know where everything is… Although you can’t possibly know this?
Do you ever bump into people that you feel absolutely certain you have met before and possibly know very well, only to realise that you’ve never seen them in your life before?
Do you have strange feelings about certain events in history that feel very ‘real’ to you even though you may never really have read about them before? Or irrational fears of certain things in your life that you have never actually experienced?
These are strong indications that you have had past lives with these places and or withOld psychic keys these people or have taken part in some way in certain historic events. It happens to many people many times during their lives and it is never really explained… Until now!

Back in 2004 through meditation and trance I realised the connection between keys and my ability to open the doors to the past, and our ability to see back in time to lives that we have already experienced. I have been offering past life readings and experiences since then, and the way that I do them is somewhat unique and very powerful!...keys mystery
Sometimes our connection with a past incarnation may come in the form of a seemingly irrational fear of something… Or quite the opposite, perhaps something that we are passionately drawn to but have never experienced and yet we feel such a connection to whatever this is, that we ‘know’ that we have both experienced it before and are in actual fact very familiar with it.
For example…
balloonI personally have never been up in a hot air balloon, although as young woman I did fly gliders.. And yet I clearly ‘remember’ the feeling of floating above the earth in a very rudimentary air balloon, with nothing between me and the earth but a rather fragile wicker basket! I remember the feeling of being at the same time terrified and exhilarated! I know that I was with two other people but that is all that I know…. Oh except that the balloon seem to be made of some strange sort of fabric or skin and was brown and rather messy! This is a very strong memory for me and yet it has no connection at all to this present lifetime.
It seems as though when we pass from one lifetime to the next (and sometimes we have many lifetimes behind us) we always brings something with us, some memory some fear or some happiness, or even a past connection to a loved one who may reappear in a different guise in this present incarnation. It seems likely that some incarnations simply carry on from one life to the next with the same people around us amazingly! Although sometimes we know that we recognise them, we have no memory of what part we played in each other’s lives previously.
Sometimes the connection can be painful as well as confusing. I remember a man in hiswar 30s who was suffering from what I can only describe as ‘flash headaches’ of a terrible intensity which almost caused him to collapse when they happened.
Having been to doctors and having had all the usual tests and scans absolutely nothing was found to be wrong with his head. And as is often the case he eventually came to me… Ostensibly for Reiki healing.
However during his first session, I was immediately drawn into his most recent past life which was fairly early in the 1918 war… For me it was horrific because I was totally unprepared for the terrible conditions in the trenches of that time. I appeared to be one of his comrades... We were having a conversation about our ‘sweethearts’ left at home, and for some reason, without thinking he stood up… Almost immediately he was shot as he stood facing me, through the right temple and was instantly dead! As this happened I was whizzed back to my therapy room as if nothing had happened. He was not aware of my vision… So after the healing session we sat down together and I told him what I had seen but before this I asked him to describe the headaches to me. And this is what he said…
war2All of a sudden out of the blue and for apparently no reason, an absolutely blinding pain hits the right side of his head around the temple area. The pain instantly flashed across to the left side of his head …. It only lasts for a few seconds but it’s intensity is so dreadful that he could hardly breathe through it, and it left him week and shaky for the rest of the day.. I then realise that what he was experiencing was his death experience over and over again, and that it was indeed the bullet entering his head and then exiting that was causing this terrible and debilitating pain. We discussed it and although he had no memory of this happening, he said it ‘felt right to him’ as if (in his own words) it was a memory that he just could not quite remember… That was the last time he had the flash headache! It seems as though bringing it back to him removed the need for his spirit to keep experiencing it!

I could give you many examples of this sort of thing, many of them amazing mixtures of good or very difficult experiences, but they all have the same thing in common… Once they have been re-remembered usually the pain/fear of them vanishes!        
My way of using the 13 ancient keys to facilitate these past lifetime memoriesold photo
All 13 of the keys which are all very different are laid out on a velvet pad and brought to the person who wishes to enter the past.
In a light meditative and relaxed state they choose one key. This key represents the past life that it is appropriate for them to choose and opens the door to that life!
Using the key myself as a tactile guide, and in a light trance I sit and await the vision that will help us both understand the life we are about to experience. And I experience it as if I am that person! And I will relate it exactly as it happens (sometimes it is useful to record this for later). The experience will usually start at some relevant part of that lifetime and I will be able to look down and see myself (as the person in the vision) and see what I’m wearing, whether I am male or female, young or old… And I see this part of the life as if I am there at that time fully experiencing it! Sometimes this experience can be intensely vivid with a great deal of detail, but at other times if it is a life from very far back, to a very primitive time it will be far less detailed but often quite alarming! 
In a detailed vision it is possible for the querant to ask me questions, and as you can imagine this can be a very powerful and enlightening experience, because it can often answer questions for the person who has come to me that they have been puzzle about for most of their life... 
Why do they have an irrational fear of water? Because they may have drowned in a very rOld shipecent lifetime and that feeling is still with them. Why are they very reluctant to wear anything around their neck either jewellery or scarves? Because most likely in their most recent life they were strangled or executed by hanging! 
In the same way why do they have a terrible fear of certain places but have absolutely no idea why this should be? Because in some way it is linked to a place where they died in difficult circumstances.
Of course the opposite can also be the case, perhaps certain circumstances make them feel irrationally happy? Perhaps because of something in a recent past life that was a wonderful experience that they have not yet let go of and would love to recreate in this life!
The 13 keys can be used over and over again to open doors into the past. But in my work ICrystal only ever allow up to three keys to be used at one sitting, because sometimes and in some circumstances this can be a difficult experience for both of us.
Mystery surrounds us all through our lifetime! So many things that we do not understand, so many questions that remain unanswered and yet part of us may already know the answers, that part of us that is connected to our distant past.       
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