Our Promise to you!       

Crystal Green PsychicHi! this is Crystal! Below is a list of what we promise you to achieve for your email readings.

E-mail Readings of Psychic Tarot and E-mail Readings of Clairvoyance from Crystal and associates at SILVERMOON are returned to you within six working days at the very most, but certainly as quickly as we can manage to get them back to you! If you are unhappy with the service that we give you, and you can explain to us why this is, we will immediately make a full  refund of your payment.

Your personal information for your  Email Readings is only retained by us for as long as is needed to prepare your Email Reading, and to make sure that you have received it. Your details remain confidential and are never passed on to others under any circumstances.

Our Psychic E-mail Readings are full and comprehensive, (we quote you a minimum amount of words as a guide to the extent of the reading but some have been known to double this amount!) and although we charge for them you are getting a full and relevant reading, and the Psychic who is reading for you will be giving you his/her full attention during that reading, we also offer a 'feedback' service with all our readings, you may get back to us if something needs clarification.

We are a small and very close knit family of hereditary Psychics, and take our work very seriously!   We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, confidentiality, safety of our payment systems, code of ethics  and sensitivity to your needs.

Our Keywords for our psychic business are:-


With Blessings!  Crystal Green.

Please Read

All credit /debit card transactions are processed using a high security verification system over secure server. which has recently been updated. All payments are checked for authenticity for non genuine or fraudulent details. We always report attempts to commit online fraud to the relevant authorities, This is for your protection as well as ours. We have enabled a safe and secure system for your peace of mind, and the personal information that you trust us with is NEVER passed on to others, and is only kept long enough for your reading to be processed, and for us to be sure that you have received it!  


We have noticed that recently many credit/debit transactions are rejected by internet payment systems, when in fact there is nothing wrong at all with the customers card. We believe this is due to more stringent measures against credit/debit card fraud being implemented generally. We have recently ourselves experienced this, and realize how annoying and upsetting it can be! if your card is rejected for no good reason, we suggest that you try again with a different card, or try a phone reading from us, which is paid thro' your 'phone account. We also suggest that you contact your bank to see why this has happened? Sometimes it can be a simply thing like having moved house and forgetting to update your information with the bank.

 We do not accept any orders for readings or spells for people under the age of 18,

Payment system is powered by WorldPay and PayPal

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