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Generally speaking these cards are not used for prediction, but used perhaps as a focus for the day or to answer specific questions. It may be possible to do a full reading with some of them but I feel personally that it may be difficult, and that they are best used to supplement other cards.  (However that is a personal opinion)

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Angel Healing

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Druid animal pack

Tree oracle

  Angel cards by Doreen Virtue PhD.
beautifully constructed cards and each comes with a message for you.  If you are giving a full angel reading this is undoubtedly the best pack to use.  Also good for question and answer.  Good for both beginner and advanced reader Cards containing beautiful images and messages.

Healing with the angels cards, another pack by Doreen Virtue.
each card shows one word such as.  Miracles. Emerging.  And the book let gives a good idea of how to use these.  I feel that these cards are best used as a focus of the day, as the pack above these cards feature beautiful images and there are no negative cards because the angels come to us in love.

Daily guidance from your Angels Oracle cards. Doreen Virtue.
 these oracle cards and guidebook give you messages and remind you of your guardian angel's presence in your life.

Affirmations for women by Pebble Forest
beautifully coloured vibrant cards each giving an information you to use during the day for example ' the love in my life begins with me' very empowering cards in difficult situations.  Not possible to do a reading from them however.

Ancient feminine wisdom cards by Kay Steventon & Brian Clark.
A wonderful pack with goddesses and heroines!  Beautifully illustrated each with a focus, such as Demeter. ' letting go' are very useful pack in times of difficulty  and indecision. to some extent it will be possible to do a whole reading with these cards, but their strength lies in empowerment.

The Celtic Tree Oracle features the Druidic Ogham, the Celtic system of runic characters from the British Isles and Ireland, that correspond to particular trees and their attributes  with wonderful artwork that is hand drawn in muted colours. wonderful for budding shaman and people who are close to the Earth.

The Druid Animal Oracle This is a gorgeous pack of animals familiar to the Druids, each animal symbolic of particular attributes.. A thorough knowledge of British landscapes, flora and fauna would be helpful in interpretation, but it's a gorgeous deck. very useful for discovering your animal totem at any particular time, and the attributes of that animal and what they mean to you.  This is a pack that I use very regularly.

The Druid Plant Oracle is from the authors/ilustrators of the pack above, (the Druid animal oracle) and is illustrated by the talented Will Worthington. These cards feature individual plants, herbs, and flowers illustrated in natural landscapes. this is a real witchy pack, and would be very useful for practising witches and trainee witches alike.  I like to use this pack and the pack above together for real impact, and it is possible to construct a very interesting and intense reading from the two together.

The Goddess Oracle is is one of my all time favourites to use as a ' focus card' at the beginning of reading. A beautiful deck that combines pictures of Goddesses from cultures around the world, with Goddess poetry, ritual and mythology. the pictures depict real faces to some extent, which I believe was intentional on the part of the artist, certainly these cards and the elements they contain are very relevant as focus cards or as part of a larger reading.  I have used these cards since they were first published many years ago!

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards blend Egyptian, Celtic and fantasy themes into an original, easy-to-use oracle deck of 48 cards. these cards stand alone for readings and it is possible to do a very adequate reading using them by themselves, but backed up with tarot they would make a very comprehensive reading.  They can always be used singularly as a 'card of the day'. beautifully illustrated and in beautiful colours these cards could be an important asset if you are a professional psychic.

  All the packs that I have given you short reviews of are packs that I own and use regularly.  I will only comment on packs that I am very familiar with and which I feel have an important place in psychic work of any kind.  There are many more packs, and I would suggest you go to Aeclectic Tarot.net to review a tremendous amount of both tarot and Oracle cards for yourself.
  With blessings! Crystal Green Silvermoon 2011.

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