psychic one to one readings with Crystal Green

crystal green new!   I am now once again

taking limited 1-2-1


from my home in Buckie.

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Psychic Readings from Crystal in person in her home at Buckie
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 Full Psychic Reading approx 35-40 mins £40.
Full Reading above + Monthly Prediction for year £45. 45-50 mins
Past-life 1-2-1 Readings using The 13 Keys and 'vision trance'. £35. 40mins.
Past-life Readings
What do you get in a 1-2-1 Consultation with Crystal?
Psychic Readings with Crystal 
A serious psychic reading by top UK Psychic!
Psychic Readings with Crystal  All the time needed in a relaxing atmosphere!

Psychic Readings with Crystal  An intensely personal and meaningful service!
Psychic Readings with Crystal  Information about your past present and future!
Psychic Readings with Crystal  Advice & help on difficult situations with back-up!
Psychic Readings with Crystal
Crystal says...
"I will go out of my way whatever it takes, to provide a
First Class Unbeatable & Stunning Service for you! I will be there for you and answer your questions and do all that it takes to provide the best psychic service that you can get whether online or 1-2-1!"



Email Crystal at silvermoon@btconnect.com 


....for your personal clairvoyant reading, Crystal will use tarot and possibly runes, her own 'shell runes' crystal oracle or keys.... and may also use her crystal ball or the crystal pendulum to answer your questions.

Your reading with Crystal may conclude with a month-by-month month forecast for the coming twelve months, which is Crystals speciality and which has been found to be very accurate! If you feel that this will be helpful for the coming 12 months.  

The price of a 1-2-1 Full psychic reading with Crystal for is £40.

A 12 month prediction is an extra £5. total £45.


Crystal internationally recognized psychic psychic therapist,  tarot master and healer, has been undertaking one-to-one readings in the north-east of Scotland for well over 30 years now.  With many ongoing clients, and many new who are eager to try her skills, Crystal is usually very busy and you may have to expect a little delay in booking your reading, possibly of some weeks or more likely two.


General information about your reading with Crystal.....



Your psychic reading will be at Crystal's home in Buckie, after leaving her premises in Cullen over five years ago, Crystal has taken the decision to do readings from home for the foreseeable future. Crystal's home is somewhat unique and very very cosy! And many of her clients have remarked how delighted they are that they can once again visit her in her very different and very personal home!


crystal ballYour reading will give information about past...present...future and will answer all your questions To begin with Crystal may suggest that you simply draw out a few cards or runes to create the atmosphere surrounding your reading with her,  she may then use pure clairvoyance to 'get the ball rolling' and towards the end of the reading will allow you to ask questions. Crystal has a unique method of answering your questions about family and loved ones...she is known to be very accurate in this and if you have someone close who you wish her to focus on for you, please ask, and if possible please bring a photo or something belonging to that person!



Crystal is primarily a Predictive Psychic Therapist, Crystal is also an expert in Photo-Psychometry and works well from photos to give you information about people and places   For this work Crystal is usually  helped by her Guide Thomas, a 16th century cleric...who is well known to many of our clients for his own past readings channelled through Crystal.

TIME. Plan to have 50 minutes free at least for your reading unless it is a 'Quick' reading (15 mins).  Crystal does not have a specific 'time scale' for her readings and she believes that the reading will end naturally when the time is right for your particular needs, nor does she book in readings continually through the day . Be assured that she will come fresh to the work she is going to do with you, and there will be no constraints of time. 



PLACE.  Buckpool Buckie. Crystal will phone or email address & directions to you when you book.