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Numerology Explained at Silvermoon.Numerology is the science of numbers.

It is one of the most ancient methods of reducing life to something that we can more readily understand.

Numerology was thought to have been discovered in ancient Greece, but as with all the disciplines of life it is really impossible to say where it began!

There are some very good and useful books on this subject available at the moment, and a visit to Amazon .com would be a good place to start.

Although Numerology can be complicated, as can most sciences, we can very quickly discover our numerical Birth Number using simply our birth date. This will tell us a great deal about our personalities and trends, and should also provide us with a "Lucky Number" that we should always consider when numbers are relevant. (i.e. car numbers, house numbers....even lotto numbers!)

Here is how to do it!

Take your birth-date...for example:

11th of June, 1955. this would be written as 11-6-1955


1+1=2.      6.    1+9+5+5 =20.

     2     +    6            +        20.




1. is the Birth-number for this date!

there are actually two exceptions to this rule of reducing the numbers down, if at any point you come to an 11 or a 22 as your final reduction, you shouldn't take it any further, as these are 'special' or 'prime' numbers and have their own meaning.

See how easy it is? this number will explain lots about the person that you are, and may also give hints as to compatibility with others.

Here is a list of 'Keywords' for the personality of each number.


1. Single-minded. tenacious. energetic. purposeful.

2. Balanced, placid. sociable and sensitive. loving.

3. Versatile. adaptable. constantly on the move.

4. Hard working. logical .sensible. feet on the ground.

5. Lively. creative. vivacious. a law unto themselves.

6. Romantic. open-hearted. love home, people & things.

7. Mystical. intuitive. psychic.  thirsting for knowledge.

8. miss-understood. spectacular. dramatic. wise.

9. Creative. courageous. selfless. spiritual. accident prone.

11. Well balanced. placid. sociable and sensible. very sensitive and easily hurt.

22. Hard working. logical. life's builders and organisers.


How did you come out? don't take it too personally! this is just a quick guide, there is far more to it than that, we sometimes add a free chart-full of information to each e.mail reading that we a little extra!

There is of course much more to it than this, but as in all things, we may take what we need to whet our appetite, and leave the rest 'till later....have fun!

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