Traditional meaning:-    constraints, limitations, weakness, confronting the shadow.


Meaning for today:-           






 this is a difficult rune and no matter how you view it, because it is a precursor to restraint whenever it appears.


Nauthiz  Brings difficulties and confusion in its wake, it often appears to be totally negative but in actual fact, it offers us lessons, and if we are brave enough to embrace them we will learn a very valuable lesson!



As a rune for the day, Nauthiz seems to impose such severe constraints on us that we may find it difficult to function at all!



This is a time where you may have to simply work on 'automatic' for a while, and get on with the routine bits and pieces, rather than undertaking anything new or dynamic.

This is not a day for undertaking anything new, absolutely not!  this rune can almost guarantee that it will fail, so best to put off anything important until tomorrow or the next day, and simply deal with that which must be dealt with for today!


Fighting against the influence of Nauthiz may make the situation great deal worse! 

This rune demands that you restrain your enthusiasm and be content to work within rigid boundaries. 

This is also a day for paying off any debts and for restoring harmony in your home.



The colour associated with this Rune is clear red!



The number associated with this Rune is 7.