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Nature magic by Lily

Magic is all around us!  The important thing when casting spells is not necessarily where we are, but what our intentions are.  Nevertheless we have to consider something that I will call ‘ sympathetic magic’, which to me means that the place where you conduct the spell or make your wish, is important in that if it connects in some subtle way to what you want you are more likely to get it.

 For example...

For spells concerning love, we have to think about what love is ….

Love and emotions are often represented by water. For example the suit of cups in the tarot convey the meaning of emotional circumstances and love... sometimes birth... always emotions.  Therefore if we are trying to bring someone towards us in a loving way, to some extent water is going to be important.

Therefore the best place to cast a spell for love, is by the side of the sea a lake or a river.

However this may not always be advisable or practical, and if you are casting your spells from a little altar that you have made, which will probably contain things like a candle perhaps some herbs and flowers, perhaps a photograph of the beloved… something that has belonged to them, and something that pleases you, then it is good also to add a bowl of clear water, perhaps in a beautiful crystal or glass bowl.

And while we cast the spell, perhaps gazing into the water and bringing a picture of the beloved to mind is a good idea

This holds true for any spell that involves strong loving emotions, and would also be very relevant in a spell to help childbirth... in other words, to allow it to ‘flow’ easily.

But for real passion, we need to add the heat of fire to the water and a candle is ideal for this, (which is why we nearly always use a candle during a spell because of the heat of the flame lens passion to the intention.)

Supposing we wish to cast a spell to bring us a new home?  Then again casting a spell in or near to the place where we wish to live is very relevant, but failing days here is a good tip.

Go to the place where you wish to live, and if possible take a little of the soil from out of the garden or surrounding land.  I am only speaking about perhaps a teaspoonful here no more.  (Perhaps the person who owns the house would not be too keen on you turning up with a spade!)

Take this little tiny bit of soil into a tiny dish or a pretty bag or box, and use it on your altar for the lifetime of the spell.  For example during the spell and perhaps for 28 days following which is the usual time to allow for a spell to see if it is going to work efficiently.

In other words the more preparation that you can take when constructing a spell, the more successful it is likely to be…. and I really mean constructing, because the spell is built from scratch like anything else, and you need to represent all the things that you want to bring into your life in one way or another.

So I hope you can see what I am getting at?  When constructing a spell, consider all the elements of earth that may be connected with it or that would be beneficial in some way.  Earth, Water, Fire and Air (best represented by incense or perfume) but also leaves, cones flower petals, anything in nature that feels right to you.

To take away bad luck we may have to be a little bit more specific.  To do this spell successfully you need to have a pretty good idea why you are being affected in a negative way. Sometimes this can be because someone else is ‘ overlooking’ you which means that they are casting either negative or envious glances your way.

With some people this is enough to cause what we may like to think of as a ‘curse’ on the person concerned, although the person who is inadvertently casting it may be horrified to realise that that is what they are actually doing.

To remove this may be beyond the ability of anyone who is not well versed in the ‘craft of the wise’ but it is worthwhile having a try yourself before looking for someone else to help.

First of all tried to defuse the overlooking by arranging on your altar or table a collection of objects that may protect you.  Make sure that the four elements, earth water air and fire are well represented, and then surround your altar by protective talismans such as crystals... I may use Amber, obsidian or hematite, together with tiger eye to give strength and rose quartz for 'healing the cause'.  At the end of this spell (28 days) these crystals would have to be thoroughly cleansed and left in moonlight for a while before being used again.

I would also have something to represent the sound to drive away the negativity, for example a bell or tibetan chimes, and through the spell I would sound these.

Water would also be useful in this spell because water purifies and washes away the things that we do not need.

If I had a very clear idea from where the problem was coming, I would choose something to represent that person, I cannot tell you what to use because it would need to be personal to you and to them…. and so you would begin to build the spell.

Although I have always said that spells are very much 'intention', and that intention follows thought… and that cast spells are essentially very simple if worked correctly.  I also have to say that building the scenario and creating the right atmosphere is incredibly important in a successful spell. Like anything else, the more you put in...the more you get out!

There is no right or wrong in the things that you use during a spell, as long as you are casting the spell for 'the good of all' and with the right intention, then collecting the things that you think are important for the spell, is the best way of going about it.

 Always remember!....

 "That it harm none!"

 Good luck with your spell casting! 

With blessings, Lily x

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