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Mysteries of the Crystal Ball


Have you ever gazed into a fire or bonfire, and imagined that yCrystal gazingou can see pictures in the flames?  Or looked up into a clear blue sky where there are plenty of white clouds and seen all manner of magical things?  This is the basis of what in olden days was called ‘scrying’  and early books still very relevant form of divination.

Not so many years ago when most of us had open fires, it was very pleasant to sit in a relaxing chair gazing into a coal fire, the very fact of being relaxed and warm and comfortable would put us in a slightly altered state of consciousness, so that by gazing into the flames we would be actually scrying without knowing what we were doing or even intending to do so.

Seeing pictures in the fire was also something of a childhood game when I was young.

Scrying is an ancient skill, one used by our earliest ancestors who employed a wooden bowl, usually stained black on the inside and full of water to look for images… and today this is still one of the easiest methods to use.

But of course today we have beautiful crystal balls, ready-made spheres that reflect back to us and that, by gazing into, we seek answers to our questions.

Using a crystal ball is very different from using other methods of divination such as runes or tarot, both runes and tarot give specific meanings and by placing them in specific patterns we create a complete story. Lisa crystal ball

Even a single tarot card can be used for a reading because there is so much symbolism in it that the meaning can become very clear to someone who is well versed in the ways of tarot.

A crystal ball will show you all manner of things, some of them difficult to interpret and usually all of them unrelated to each other!

I keep a crystal ball quite near to me whilst I am doing a psychic reading. it is always useful to glance at it from time to time and see what it has to offer.  Even without asking a question  it will show me something that may be relevant to the reading I am engaged in, but the picture it shows me may itself need interpreting… it may be something as simple as trees blowing on a windy day, or a single yellow rose. 

There will be no doubt that this image has significance, and usually on running this past the person who is having the reading it soon becomes very clear what the significance is.

The best way to use a crystal ball is to ask specific questions in your mind whilst gazing in a relaxed way into the ball.

When you do actually see a picture, it is nMy best crystal ballot really in the crystal ball but is reflected back onto your own psychic screen… or third eye.

Recently I was asked by a client what her eventual home would look like as she was considering moving to a larger house.  Without knowing where she actually lived, I looked into my crystal ball and as I began to describe the house that I saw there to her she said “that is the house I presently live in”!  But try as I may I could find no other house for her so we moved on to other matters.

Within a week she phoned me to say she had changed her mind about moving, and instead was having plans drawn up for an extension to her existing house! 

It became obvious at that point why this was the house that I could see, but as a crystal ball does not come with a manual on how to use it or how to tune it into the right station we have to use a great deal of intuition and frankly guesswork whilst using it.

Nevertheless a crystal used well can be a marvellous tool for bringing to our attention things that we would never have thought of, and answers to questions that we would never otherwise have found.

Like tarot cards or runes or any other tool for divination, our crystal ball should be respected, kept clean and dust free, and perhaps covered by a nice silk or velvet cloth when not in use.

This may seem a little over the top to some, but anyone who uses tools will look after them andPsychic Readings from Crystal Green. respect them because to do so will make them last longer and give a better service whilst they are being used.  A crystal ball is no different to any other tool that we may use, and whilst I recognize that it has no magical properties of its own, it becomes a very precious tool when used regularly and somehow imbued with the energy of its user.

I have many crystal balls, but I tend to regularly use only two of them.

One is large and made of clear quartz with many wonderful inclusions I call this ball ‘Amaranth’ I also regularly use a slightly smaller glass ball, whose name is ‘Looti’

…and before you ask, I don't really know how they got their names they just sort of arrived!  But some people hold the view that to give something that you use regularly a name, gives you a better connection with it, and that it will work better for you… I certainly find that this is so.

Crystal at Silvermoon.

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