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The Moon is the ruler of the tides and of all our emotional natures

As a daily card she tells us that today we are perhaps more intuitive than usual, we may be going through a period of vivid and disturbing dreams, or finding that we know far more than we should know of certain situations. The power of the Moon is awakening us!

When you draw the Moon you will be acutely aware of your Psychic side, and may be led to make decisions on "feelings" alone. This is as it should be!

The Moon is linked to the planet Pisces, which is related to dreams, visions and creativity.

 You may think about starting something new, or re-decorating your living space in new and mysterious colour combinations! Colours will be important to you today!

Today is not a day for socializing however, Take time and space (if possible) to just "Be" and see what new and exciting ideas are born with your relationship with your Psychic/intuitive side!

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