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Some thoughts on meditation   Psychic and video readings Crystal Green

 Having suffered for many years from stress-related illnesses, including high blood pressure panic attacks and palpitations, I began to use meditation as a tool to help me cope with life as I saw it, hopefully without drug therapy


I have to some extent succeeded in this aim.

Meditation for me allows me to create a safe space, where I can not only control my physical symptoms without resorting to strong medication, but through visualisation can connect with my spirit guides and helpers.  I have been able to access memories that were suppressed and deal with their aftermath.

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I hope now with the help of my Guides to further the understanding of myself and my relationship with the universe.  I hope to use the knowledge that I have gained to help the many clients who presently come to me personally, and through my website, and who often expression a wish to learn meditation to help them through difficult areas of their lives

I have recently started to gently lead a few of my friends and clients into the knowledge of guided meditation  with most wonderful results!  I am delighted to be able to utilise this method of healing for others and are hoping time to expand this.


The lift of energy that I myself experience through an understanding and the practice of meditation is an unexpected bonus, and  I feel that through facilitating the healing of others through this means I am at last healing myself.

This gift of self-control, self-healing through meditation is a gift that should be spread to as many as will accept it.  As a way to regain balance and control in their  own lives.

A few notes/thoughts that I would like to leave with you…



Dancing meditationDancing becomes meditation when you are totally at one with it, when your mind is focused on the movement and your body has surrendered to the music and read them.  Dancing in this way can raise the energy level and is a meditation in itself.  Particularly useful in a group meditation.


The benefits of meditation in a group are that the energy level is increased and it is easier to be disciplined in a group who are all striving for the same result.  In discussion after meditation many new ideas and experience can be shared amongst the group, this is a benefit in itself.


Sitting meditationAt the end of any sort of meditation be it sitting, walking or dancing, we hope to revitalise both our light and physical bodies energies to achieve healing peace and balance, and to strengthen the immune system, this enables us to face the immediate future in a calm and balanced mind and to be aware of our energy levels and in touch with ourselves.


Breath plays a very important part as an anchor for our attention in meditation.  To focus on the breath, is to focus on the experience of being alive.  And the rhythmic exchange as we breath and is energy flows back and forth between our body and the environment, connects is to the planet in a continual exchange that makes us one with the pulse of life itself!

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Here below are a few short meditations that we use in our groups, please feel free to try them!

Before you attempt to meditate, create a safe and peaceful space for yourself....unplug the phone.....lock the door, or if this is not possible, find a safe and quiet space outdoors!

Meditation on a Green Apple!

Meditation on a green applePlace a Green shiny apple on a table or stool in front of you.

After bringing yourself to a point of stillness and calm, sit erect on the floor or in a chair in a manner that is comfortable to you, and ground yourself.

Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly to balance and calm, begin to gaze at the apple, exploring its shape, and roundness, its colour and shininess, notice any marks or dark patches on it, notice if it has a stork, and perhaps a bit of dried leaf attached to it, notice and explore the entire apple, even the sharp fresh smell that it has, and spend some moments doing this,

Now cover your eyes with your palms and continue to see the image of the green apple, look at its shape and all of the details that you saw, if you cannot bring the image to your inner mind screen, open your eyes and again gaze at the apple, take one detail at a time, again close your eyes and see the apple, don’t worry if you only get fleeting glances and then the image fades, try again and again whilst you are still comfortable with the meditation, if you can not see the shape of the apple, try to see the colour green that it is, see and feel this colour, breath it in and with it the sharp, crisp smell of the apple, feel that you can almost taste it!  and then add the shape as you succeed.

Do not force yourself to persevere beyond the time that you feel comfortable with this exercise, close your eyes again and relax, becoming aware of your body and your surroundings for a few moments before gently ending the session.

Persevere with this short meditation until you can see, smell and almost taste the apple, and when you succeed, with joy and deliberation—eat the apple!

Sun Meditation (to energise.)

Sun meditationClose your eyes, and bring yourself to a point of stillness....breath gently and for a few minutes, focus on the breath.....

......in your minds eye see a beautiful golden sun above your head...and feel the gentle heat of the sun warming and invigorating you...feel the gentle warmth spreading slowly over your whole body and feel the glow spread both within and without your body.....breath deeply.....and as you breath feel that with the suns rays you are breathing in energy.....strength....and enthusiasm.....continue to breath in sun energy until you feel totally balanced and energised.

allow yourself to slowly bring your attention back to the space that you are in.....open your eyes and smile!


Rose meditation“Take a deep breath and as you let it out imagine all the difficulties of the day going with it, now take the attention to the feet---“ (work up the body relaxing—especially the back shoulders and neck)

“ Now focus on the breath---going in and out—gently and naturedly—imagine a swing door which moves slowly with the breath in and out—“ (allow to continue for some moments)

“Imagine that just above you there is a beautiful globe of light, and the white healing energy is slowly dripping down through your crown Chakra, slowly drop by drop in works its way down and down into your heart centre---see your heart as a tightly closed rose, and as the healing white energy drips onto it, it begins to gently open to receive it--- the drip becomes a trickle--- and then a flow, see the rose open its petals until it is fully open, a most beautiful rose! Full of white light energy, until the healing energy begins to drip from the rose itself as it fills and to gently flow to the rest of the body---see it flow to the arms---and fingers----legs and toes---feel the wonderful flow of energy! ---- (Allow time here)  “Continue until your whole body feels full of the energy and totally invigorated! Bathe in the peace—comfort—and safety of this gentle glow----now begin to slowly allow the rose to gently close, and as it does so the flow once more becomes a trickle----and as the rose is almost closed a tiny drop---drop! But keep the rose a tiny bit open, so that there is always a constant drip of energy--

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