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The Magician helps you achieve your goals, and tells you that you have all that you need for success, in whatever area that lies.

He is associated with Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. Swift footed and able to change direction in mid air he brings adaptability and humour to your life.

When you draw the Magician as a daily card, he announces that you have all that you need for a successful day, it is of course up to you to take advantage of his gift and manifest success.

Your communication skills should be fine tuned today, your own and other peoples problems will seem easier than usual to solve.

Today, go with your best ideas, retain a sense of fun, try to make work into play.

Today trust your intuition and allow new ideas to surface. be careful though' of moving too fast and losing your balance, both physically and emotionally.

Enjoy the power of the Magician with care!

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