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The Lovers, associated with the sign of Gemini is a many faceted symbol.

On one hand it may mean literally a relationship or the possibility of a new lover coming into your life, but more usually it signifies choices.

Two or more paths may be opening before you, but with the warning that whichever path you take, it will be unlikely that you will be able return to your old way once more. this may be a life changing time for you, so be sure that you know all your options!

The moral here is "look before you leap!"

As a daily choice you may be required to use your intuition today, to be sure of which direction you take, whether it be in a relationship or in some other part of your life. Asking advice of others may be a waste of time today, today you are your own best guide!

The Lovers offers you the opportunity to return to your true life's path!

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