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Love Questions & answers. 
LoveHow can I recognise my soul mate?

This is quite easy! There is always something that crosses the boundaries between past and present lives. So when you meet this person you will feel as if to some extent that you already know them!

The eyes will be the giveaway! they will look deep into your eyes, and you will recognise that look!

Possibly the voice will be familiar, even though in past incarnations it may have been speaking to you in a different language.

Also...and perhaps the biggest giveaway, you will feel totally comfortable with if you just left them and have walked back in the door!....


LoveHow can I show my feelings...without giving too much away!

You can show it in manyThat loving feeling! ways without seeming to be 'committing' to a long term relationship.

Be caring, don't be late for dates and of course always take time to look good even when looking casual.

Be aware though that the other person may be looking for signs of commitment so don't go overboard if commitment is not on your agenda right now!

Above all...never 'pretend' feelings that you don't have it can be disastrous long term.


LoveHow do you know when its really 'real?

Apart from the feeling of being in another world and forgetting toLove for real and forever! eat ?

Walking round in a dream? forgetting to pay your rent?

There are lots of ways...but if it is 'real' it will at times feel almost like an wont be able to will spend all nights thinking about will be difficult to drum up enthusiasm for anything else!

...and of course you will want to be with them 24/7. that goes without saying!

Don't worry, this stage all too soon passes, and with luck you will be left with a close and long term loving relationship that will grow and mature over the years to come. Take it as it comes and be happy!


LoveShould I buy a gift? if so what?Love is a gift!

If this is at the start of a relationship, dong go overboard and buy something expensive! this is a common mistake, especially if you feel 'bowled over' by the person concerned.

Get them something small but really nice, perhaps with an amusing edge to it..and something that you feel will be really appreciated.

Remember the rule for buying gifts... get something that they will like, not something that you would like to have!


LoveDo I call or text after the first date, or do I leave it to him?

It is always best from yourCall and say I love you! point of view if the other person calls you ...but what if they don't? it because the have decided not to repeat the date?

Not necessarily may simply be that they are in the same quandary as you, and are waiting for you to text first!

Best to take the bull by the horns and text a short and upbeat  message...then wait!


LoveMy partner is running hot then cold...what do I do?

This is a difficult one! there couldLove me as I love you. be a myriad of reasons for this, and you can be stuck in this situation for months/years.

Many people think its best to just accept the good times and 'wait and see'...but this solves nothing.

If things don't seem to be getting any better after a reasonable length of time, then organise an evening where you can be alone, undisturbed and in a lovely setting, and gently but firmly bring the matter up for discussion. Your partner may welcome the opportunity to do this.


LoveHelp! I think I'm in love!Love love love!

Well congratulations! Love is one of the most baffling, wonderful, painful, unsettling, satisfying things in the world!

Above all remember to look after yourself...a friend of mine walked into the road when newly in love, and got hit by a car. not seriously hurt thank goodness...apparently she was thinking about her 'beloveds' eyes!

All I can say is take it day by day and don't forget to eat!

And don't go overboard! the other person may not be quite at that stage just yet! Take it a day at a time and enjoy!


LoveId like to take her out for a meal, but where?

Well perhaps you should first tentatively find out.. 1. if this is what she would like? ...and 2. if she likes nights out in a 'posh' restaurant, or is she a  'burger & chips on the hoof girl?

A mistake at this point can bring a budding relationship to a sharp close!

So do some research first...ask her friends if your really stuck...not really so difficult and you will be learning more about her along the way.


LoveHow can I say I'm not serious without losing the plot?Love hurts!

This of course depend on how serious the other person feels...

If you have been giving the impression all along that they are the most important thing in your life, then this may come as a shock, and you may get bowled over by the backlash!

The other person will feel used and foolish...

You both have to be happy with a 'casual' relationship or of course it wont work, so be up front and say that its a 'fun' relationship and you don't want commitment right now.

Honesty in a relationship of any sort is best in the long run.

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