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Love….what is it good for?? What is this strange state of mind, that makes us act like idiots a great deal of the time, and makes us forget our direction and our goals in life albeit temporarily?

 Is it an illness? Or is it simply an extremely powerful device of nature to make us procreate at the right time?

Has anyone ever actually got to grips with understanding what ‘Love’ actually does to us emotionally, mentally, and physically? We can be happily pursuing our course in life, closely involved in whatever it is we are involved in at that time, then without any warning ‘Bang!’ love hits us… and knocks us for six! If we didn’t take it for granted, it is possible that we would treat this as we would some kind of illness, because it acts like an illness. It changes our personality (often the worst!) And it makes us do and except things that previously we would have thought unthinkable.

The problem is what to do about it? It seems as if once we have ‘fallen in love’ we are lost!  There is really not much we can do about it except let it run its course and see where it takes us, and it can be a life changing or shattering experience for some. Fine, if the object of your affection feels the same way as you do, then you are on the road to one ofLovehearts the most wonderful joint experiences in the whole world (possibly the universe!)

But unrequited love is one of the most dreadful things!  We mope and moan and become obsessive about the object of our affection. It seems as if we can not see any further than this, and sometimes, in some people who have obsessive natures, this can take them into the realms of stalking and obsessing about the object of their affection to the detriment of the other person’s health and well-being.


How amazingly strong is an emotion that can do this to us!  If it were anything else it would be classed as an illness and treated with some kind of drug and cognitive behavioural therapy, but we except love for what it is, and we feel great compassion for those who are thwarted in love, or who have been left by their loved one, perhaps because the loved one had decided to move on, or because the death, the final great decider had intervened.

Love in a Red DressSo what to do about it? There is actually only one thing if it is a reciprocal situation, then there is no problem, love is something that you can throw yourself into wholeheartedly and allow it to wash over you in the most wonderful and ecstatic way! In the natural course of events it will gradually calmed down and change into something far more lasting and productive. This is the difference between love, and ‘being in love’.If it is ‘unrequited love’, then it is more difficult, and may require some kind of counselling or help for the person involved to realise that they have to work on simply ‘letting go’

No one deserves the trauma of feeling is that they are being hounded and stalked by someone for whom they have no feelings one way or the other!  If we allow this to develop within our society, then we are treading a very dangerous and ultimately self-destructive path….the answer here is to seek help as quickly as you can, and even sitting with a sympathetic friend who will reflect back to you that there is no hope in the situation may have a very beneficial effect, and in fact may be all the help that you need at that time! Because if we do not address this, then we often do not see what we are doing, convinced as we are that the person is for us, no matter how many indications we get to the contrary. I believe that in love, as in any other conditions that we experience, we need to recognize immediately what has happened and be prepared for the consequences…. We cannot help Falling in Love, it is something that simply happens to us….but as reasonable, logical and evolved beings, we can make sure that we never allow our state of mind to impinge on that of another necessarily or in a negative way.Red Lips

Love should be an ecstatic state of mind between two beings who feel totally in tune for whatever reason, it may be the thing that inspires us to do more than we ordinarily would, to create wonderful things, and to allow our artistic/creative side to blossom.

Some of the most wonderful works of art and poetry have been created out of pure ‘Love’!


Perhaps it is truly 'Love' that makes the world go round no matter how difficult it is at times!

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