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In Buckie Morayshire


Understand the Past,

Make changes in the Present,

And Live the Future!



Holistic Life CoachBecome really clear about your goals whether in Work/Career Love or Life generally! Make the changes and move forward in your life! Create an atmosphere of 'courage and optimism' Explore new ideas and understand your personal past, your goals...your Truth!  Understand how your childhood can effect you in adulthood. 

A good Life Coach helps you to understand the past, make the necessary changes in the present, and Live the future!


Holistic Life CoachA Holistic Life Coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go in the future. Their job is to help you get from Point A to Point B in your life in the smoothest was possible by addressing all the various other bits along the way.

It is someone who supports you, helps you, motivates you, and allows you to achieving your vision. Whatever it is that you feel that is needed in your life, they will help you get it.


Holistic Life CoachA Holistic Life Coach will help you to be clear on what it is you want rather than what you may think you want, or what others may want for you.

Helps you to find out why you are holding back from being successful in this?

Will support you in your journey to achieve your true vision!



What to do next? Call me on 01542 839 221 or my mobile on 07837 669 997.

I will make a first FREE appointment for you

to come and see me to discus how I can help you. and suggest a course of appointments. Usually I find that a course of five weekly appointments are the best

way forward, and perhaps one appointment monthly after that if you feel it to be needed. But this can be arranged to your own satisfaction, however

you will need to commit to a minimum of five sessions for maximum impact.

First appointment is free! every appointment following will cost £45.00.



Call today to make your first free appointment on: 01542 839 221 mob: call or text 07837 669 997.

or email me at silvermoon@btconnect.com