Traditional meaning:-   clarity, opening up, receiving, non attached giving.


Meaning for today:-




Kano is the rune at the beginning of things, starting something new with the very best of intentions, and having the enthusiasm to create from your inner well of inspiration.



It is the rune of opening up to all that is good in your life, and also opening up to your higher self with its wisdom and leadership. it is the rune of sharing the good things and being opened to the energy of others.



As a daily rune Kano suggests to you that today will see the start of something new, and that you will be ready for whatever that is!  It suggests to you that you be open and enthusiastic and ready for whatever is about to come to you, recognizing that whatever does appear in your life today will be timely and appropriate and welcome it whatever it brings.


For today, allow yourself the excitement of knowing that something new will be revealed to you, perhaps even some new knowledge or skill that will help you in the future.


Those around you will warm to you today, and there will be very little in the way of dispute or discomfort... today is a gift day!



The colour associated with this Rune is pale yellow or cream!


The number associated with this Rune is 4.