Traditional meaning:-   positive outcomes, one year, full cycle, harvest. 





Meaning for today:-




A time of peace and happiness, fruitful season.

This Rune can break through stagnancy. Brings hopes and expectations of peace and prosperity. if things seem to have been standing still for you and you have been making no headway recently, then today should be a much more productive day and you should be able to make headway in some important way.



The promise of success earned today. Everything changes, in its own time.

for today, you have prepared the ground and planted the seed and now you must cultivate with care and wait and watch!



Today you must be mindful that a patient is necessary, and that nothing can be achieved all at once... what is happening here is timely, and you must honour that and allow it to happen in its own time, and at its own pace.



Sometimes this rune comes to us to teach us patience.


sometimes it comes to us to confirm what we already know, that the situation is ongoing, and that if we cultivated with care and be persistent, we will succeed!


The colour associated with this Rune is Indigo!



The number associated with this Rune is 9.