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Interview with an Angel 

I have for many years 'channelled' information from my Guides and Angels.

One of the 'Beings of Light' that frequently come through to me is an Angel that identifies himself as 'Eliael'. Angels do not in fact have names as we know them, but use names for our benefit so that we feel more at ease with them. Neither are they male or female, but may appear to us as such for the same reason.

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked is:-

Do animals have souls as we do, and do they re-incarnate in human form?

During a channelling session I questioned Eliael about this, his answer was....

Yes they most certainly do have souls, but they are of a different kind to humans. they are nearer to the 'earth realms' than you are.

They have never wished to have the same souls or the same experiences that you do....they are a very pure form of spirit, and so they prefer to offer 'service' to mankind.

If they do re-incarnate, they do so again in the animal realm. they have no wish to be human which is a far more complicated form.

When they die, they often become Angelic, and are a different sort of Angel. but Angels never the less!

Spirit world has many forms of Angelic Earth has many forms, each as important as each other.

How comforting to know that our beloved pets become Angels when they leave us!

Another important question that I am often asked is:- Why is there so much illness and suffering in the world?

Eliael's  answer was, As we now begin to enter a time of planetary ascension you will change physically over the coming years. Your ability to heal will become more profound, and your lives will be extended. The suffering and illness that is experienced during your earthly sojourn is simply part of the 'lessons' that you have undertaken to learn before coming into this life. Nothing can harm your eternal Soul....neither illness, pain or death!


Do you talk to your angels?Angel

Do you ask them questions... tell them your little secrets.... ask for their help and advice?

Do you have a special place where you can speak to them quietly in the confidence that no one else will interrupt you?  And perhaps do a little ' Angel meditation' whilst you are there?

Then why not make an angel altar?

All you need is a little quiet space where you can be on your own without disturbance, somewhere that is quite attractive and calming and private (this can even be outside if you have a private garden in a quiet little corner where you are unlikely to be disturbed)

You need a little table or even part of a shelf, to devote especially to your angels and angel treasures.

First of all find a nice little cloth that you can put things on, something that perhaps has angels on it all is the appropriate colour are your guardian angel (usually guardian angels seem to be in the palest shades of pink and lilac and sky blue)

Then collect little things that represent the angels to you, maybe pretty feathers or shells, or crystals that have connection for you with angels (perhaps a beautiful pale blue piece of angelite would be appropriate) and of course candles in similar colours.

Think of the ways that you connect to the Angels... perhaps a little angel ornament or a piece of angel jewellery, anything that you feel is appropriate could also go on your little angel altar. and bring little gifts for your altar when you come to ask for help...a pretty leaf...a pine cone or a flower.

This is the place you come to when you want to ' speak to your Angels', and you can even leave little notes to them asking for there help or asking them for their advice, you will be sure that you will get it either during a dream or in some other symbolic way!

Make your little notes as ornate and as attractive as possible, write them beautifully on pretty paper, and you can even cut it into the shape of wings or an angel itself if you wish to take the wouldn't send a note to your best friend on the little old scrap of paper which you?  So go to as much trouble to send his message to your Angels as you would your best friends and loved ones.

Very soon you will find that coming to this little place when you are sad or confused will bring you great comfort and will provide a very tangible link with your Angels 


angel wingsAngel Bits and Bobs !

Involve your Angels in all that you do!  It is not necessary to ask specific Angels to help with specific jobs, the right Angel for the right situation will appear when the situation appears, so use the Angels as they are meant to been used, as our heavenly helpers and messengers.

When you buy a little gift for someone, instead of just putting in with it an ordinary note wishing the person well. Cut up pretty pieces of brightly coloured paper or card into the shape of wings, (just a simple and very basic shape will do).

On the reverse of the paper or card say something like “wishing you Angel blessings of……” (filling in here whatever quality it is that you would like the person to most have.)

This will add an extra dimension to your gift that will be much appreciated!

The next time you have a problem to solve and or totally stuck for an answer, try this….. say to your Guardian Angel “ if it is appropriate please give me some indication or message in the next song or piece of music that I hear on the radio”

Or you could say similar for the television, or you could open a book without looking, previously asking your Guardian Angel to lead you to open it on the page that has some special message for you….. your Guardian Angel will have the answer that you need, it is just a question of you understanding the answer!

The next time you have a difficult choice to make, explain this to your Angels before you go to sleep at night, and ask that they will put the correct choice for you in your mind, or in your dreams during the night.  Then go to sleep and don't worry about it anymore!  It is very unlikely that you will not have the answer of which choice to make by morning time.

 Involve your Angels in all that you do! that is what they are here for!

As well as being Divine Messengers, they are our helpmates and mentors if we will only allow them to do the job.


Do you know your Angels???

A very good way to get to know your angels is to meet them through meditation...

...either meditating yourself on perhaps an angel card or an angel image, or being part of a guided meditation where you are led into a certain place, where the atmosphere is conducive to encouraging a meeting with your personal angels.

Although angels are near to us all the time, we do not always connect with them nor are we always aware of their presence. 

Sometimes it is possible to get little signs and signals from them, such as a feather appearing when least expected as an answer to a prayer, or sometimes the feel of soft feathers touching the skin.

How lovely if we could be aware of them all the time! 

And we can... if we put ourselves in the right situation for them to connect with us.

During an angel meditation, we put ourselves into a situation so that they can come and introduce themselves to us. 

We may not see them as angels, maybe just as a vision of light or a vaguely human shaped figure… we may all perceive them in different ways and in different colours. 

I know that my Guardian Angel is a beautiful palest jade green colour, which is why I favour that a colour a great deal in all that I do (and on my site).

Your angels personal colour will be connected to your own personal colour and will have a deep and significant meaning in your life also.

Get to know your angels!

Allow them into your life, you will not believe the difference it will make to you!  They are waiting to help you and to surround you in their soft wings of love and encouragement…

To read about connecting with your angels in a very special way, go to… Angel stuff

Love your angels! They certainly love you!


Strong Emotions!

fOur Angels and Guides are always at hand to help us, but here are a few thoughts about how we ourselves can help them to help us......


 Anger is probably the most common of all the negative emotions, and one that we all experience at sometime in our lives.  It is thought now by the medical profession that anger that is prolonged and intense can contribute towards some diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Becoming angry can also become something of an addiction!  And I know that that sounds strange, but we do become addicted to various emotions and go into them at the drop of a hat if we feel that this is the correct thing to do.  The way to deal with persistent bouts of anger is to take each bout individually and to establish a short routine as soon as we are aware of the feelings that are beginning to overwhelm us, this way we will re-learn a more acceptable response to the difficult situations that cause the anger in the first place.m

The very best first thing to do is to stop what you're doing, and if possible take yourself off to somewhere private (preferably in the open air somewhere green and shady) but in an emergency the nearest toilet will do!

The next thing to do is to lower the shoulders and allow the body to relax slightly, and then take a series of three deep breaths, holding each breath for a count of four, before letting it out again

Then stand up straight again and physically relax allowing your attention to move up from your feet the top of your head and as it moves up relaxing each part of your body that it touches.

Take another deep breath hold it for a count of four once more, and as you let it out feel that you letting out all the anger, visualized as black smoke… that flows from your mouth down to the ground, into the earth to be transmuted into positive energy once again.

Then go and drink a glass full of cold water, as cold as you can make it (if this is simply from a tap allow the tap to run a few seconds before you collect the water to drink) make this as big a glass as you can manage. It also helps of course while you are doing this, to enlist the help of your guides and angels, particularly the angels that deal with anger.

What you're actually doing here is by taking deep breaths and holding them (we call this Pranic breathing) you are filling the lungs and the brain with oxygen, which will immediately put a different perspective on to whatever is happening in your life to make your angry, and will make you see more clearly and yet in a slightly more detached manner.

By relaxing we are allowing the body to ‘know’ that the anger is over, and that we can now move on.

By drinking cold water we are taking in something that is purifying and cleansing, and the very coldness of the water will lower body temperature, blood pressure and heart beat to a point where we become rational and cool once again.

Wearing colours in the 'BLUE' spectrum and avoiding reds and pinks may also help to dispel anger before it begins to affect us too badly.

 I have found this is the best way of dealing with the anger of any sort, whether it be self anger, or anger against others.


 None of us like to think that we suffer from this negative emotion, but at some time in our lives we all do!

Possibly the worst thing about this emotion is the way it makes us feel afterwards, because we don't want to feel envious, and deep down we would not take away the success of anyone else…. we simply rather it was us than them sometimes!

The best way out of this one is to stop for a few moments and go back over your own life and think of the points where you accomplished something perhaps unexpected, or something was given to you that made you very happy.  Then feel how that feeling was, and how you enjoyed it.  Now think of the person that you are envious about, and feel how  they too must have times of envy of other people, how it is a very difficult emotion to deal with, and how in the future they may even be envious of you!

When you have done this, give them a silent blessing and congratulate them on their success.  And ask your angels and their angels to assist in their success and to help them, and also you to achieve all that you need in your life right now!

 Simply by doing this you will bring success to yourself for the future.


 This is an extraordinary emotion and can be very interesting!  The old meaning of lust was more to do with strength and energy than to do with sex as it is in today's world.  But actually the feeling is the same whether it be a lust for a certain person, or a lust for power and money.

This emotion can be overwhelming and has an enormous amount of energy along with it, therefore people experiencing these strong and overpowering feelings find it difficult to stop, and connect with their angels and their guides and ask for their help.

The best way of handling this emotion, is to emotionally detached yourself from these feelings to a point where you can observe them from the outside but not actually be ‘ in’ the feeling.  And at this time also be good to your body, (as this is where this emotion will affect your most) give yourself a treat, do something physical like swimming or running, or treat yourself to a facial, massage, whatever made you feel good!

This will calm things down and will enable you to bring things more into perspective.


 Although stress is not strictly speaking an emotion as such, it is something that can be very negative for the main part (the worst kind of stress that is) it's something that can put our lives at risk as well as making it difficult is before us to work at our full capacity.

Most people nowadays know the difference between good stress and bad stress. Good stress is the sort of stress athletes feel before they run a race.

Bad stress is caused by a feeling of being trapped, and of not being able to see a way out of that trap.  Whether the trap is in work or in relationships, or in any part of your life does not really matter, the feeling is the same, it is one of dis-empowerment, and of not being able to be in control of what's happening in your life.

This long-term could lead to heart disease to name but one killer!  And it is thought now that prolonged stress of the wrong sort can  lead to cancer and other major illnesses.

Stress itself is probably one of the biggest killers we have, and it gets more and more difficult all the time to find a lifestyle where we can balance the amount of stress we require to succeed, with the amount of control that we can also exert in our life for ourselves.

My answer to this would be primarily learning to say ‘NO’ in whatever occasion you realise that you are being pushed into doing something that will put you in a stressful situation, surely better to say ‘no’ now, than to suffer the physical effects later!

Secondly... regular leisure time, preferably something act of like walking on the beach, (connecting with the sea or any other large body of water is a particularly good antidote to stress) taking time off and pampering yourself, or simply shutting the door and sitting reading a good fictional book.

Thirdly, learn to meditate!  And through deep meditation, let go of the stress in your life and bring healing into it in its place.  Through deep meditation learn to speak to your angels and guides and enlist their help thus lessening stress in your life.  Also, if you feel that it will suit you personally, learning some kind of moving meditation such as t'ai chi or Yoga which is incredibly beneficial where stress is concerned!

With the help of your Angels and Guides, learn to take control of the stress levels in your life, learn not to let the stress levels take control of you!


Meeting your spirit guides

One of the most frequently asked questions that I encounter in my work as a professional psychic  is “ How do I meet my spirit guide?”  The fact is, that many people never get to meet their guides, although they may be in contact with them on a daily basis.  We are aware of our guides and a variety of ways.  For some people it is  simply knowing that the guide is present.  For others it is an ongoing relationship, where the guide will appear to them very clearly, even to the point of how they are dressed, and knowing the guides name.

But I have to say, that the majority of people are in the first category.  It seems that only those who are fairly advanced psychically, and spiritually, get to meet their guides in a more intimate way.

 Through meditation, and deep relaxation, we can create an atmosphere, and a scenario, to hopefully meet our guides in.  To do this you need really to be fairly comfortable with meditation techniques.  If you are not, and you desperately would like to meet your guide, then you have the answer!  First learn how to meditate!  The rest is relatively easy.

 I am going to lead you through a guided meditation, that will put you in the right place and the right atmosphere to hopefully meet your spirit guides.  Please remember that your guide will only make him or herself known to you, if it's right for them to do so, and if it's in your interest to do so at that particular time.  If you don't have any luck with this, then you have to ask yourself if meeting your guide is right for you at this time?  And should you be instead focusing on your spiritual development, which would probably take you to a point where you would be more aware of your guides.

 Before you begin this journey into meditation, make sure that you're not going to be disturbed.  Unplug the telephone, locked the door, pick a time when you know no one is likely to bother you, otherwise it will be impossible to give it your full attention.

 Now make yourself comfortable, either sitting in a traditional meditation pose, cross-legged with a straight back, shoulders relaxed.  Or if you prefer, sitting comfortably in the chair with your feet slightly elevated.  It really doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable you will be able to achieve a good level of meditation.

The one exception to this is lying flat on your back, although it can be extremely comfortable, you are more likely to go to sleep then to actually achieve a meditative state!

 The meditation that I'm going to guide you into, is one that we use frequently in our workshops for meeting Spirit, Guides, and Angels.  We have achieved great success with this meditation, and it is wonderful to see the expression on the face of someone who, has wanted for so long to be aware of their guides and angels, but has never thought it possible.  We have had such joy at the end these meditations, and a wonderful celebratory feeling, when we achieve our purpose.

 Close your eyes, and allow your body to relax, paying particular attention to the shoulders and chest area, the neck area, and the back of the head.  These areas are where we carry stress, and are the most difficult to let stress go from.

Now I want you to take three slow, deep, breaths….. and hold each for a count of four, before slowly letting the breath out completely.  Do this slowly and deliberately…… filling with breath….. holding….. and slowly releasing.  This is called Pranic breathing.  It relaxes the body, and floods the blood system and the brain with energy and oxygen, which puts us into a state that is easier to achieve meditation or trance.

 Now all again, and allow your body to relax….. and breath gently and normally, not forcing the breath, but just allowing it to come and go as it will.  After a few minutes, visualised in your mind a door, but a door that swings both ways, like a saloon door.  As you breathe, be aware of this door slowly swinging in time to your breath.  As you breathe in…. allow the door to swing inwards.  As you breathe out… allow the door to swing outwards, but do not force anything, make this natural, and gentle.  Keep your attention focused on the door for a few minutes, until it feels natural and comfortable.

 Now I would like you to imagine yourself standing on a beautiful grassy green hillside, you're in a valley, and all around you are rolling hills, grassy and lush.  Above you the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, punctured here and there with little white clouds that scud across the sky.  The air is warm, but there is a refreshing breeze that keeps it very pleasant.  Ahead of you is a small wood with small shrubs and stunted trees but again very lush and green and inviting.  Walk slowly towards this little wood or cops and as you enter it, feel the air become cooler, and be aware of the scent of wild summer flowers.  As you stroll through the little wood, you become aware of a grassy mound that is larger than all the rest, surrounded by small dense shrubs.  Walking towards this you realise, that it is in fact a cave set in one of the hillsides, with the entrances almost overgrown with hanging shrubs and beautiful smelling honeysuckle.

You know there is nothing to fear within this cave, and brushing the undergrowth out of your way, you slowly enter.

 The cave is just about tall enough to allow you to walk almost at your full height but with a slight bend to avoid hitting your head on the roof.  The cave goes on and on, it's dry and earthy and has a beautiful peaty smell, sweet and reassuring.  After a little while it becomes darker, but not so dark that you can't see where you going.  Yet ahead of you there is a lightning, and you realise that the cave will surely open out into something bigger before too long.

 As you near the end of the tunnel, you realise that it's actually opening out into a beautiful circular space, surrounded by hills and by woods, but open to the sky.  You feel the sudden burst of heat upon your shoulders from the now re-emerged Sun, which is more intense because now you are enclosed, and cannot feel the breeze so easily.

In the middle of this circular space, which is closed in beautiful soft green moss and surrounded by bushes, is a bench.  And because there seems nothing more sensible to do, you sit on the bench and wait, knowing, that you have come here for a reason, and that you have come here to meet someone.  You sit, and relax, and revel in the warmth of the sun, and the feeling of soft green springy moss under your feet.  You may even feel that you want to take your shoes off and have direct contact with the earth.

 Close your eyes now, and relax and wait……… presently you become aware of someone coming toward you slowly, and quietly and sitting on the bench next to you.  When you're ready, slowly open your eyes and greet the person who has joined you.  This is your spirit guide.

What happens next, cannot be predicted by me.  It is between you and your guide, but be aware that your guide is there always to protect you, and whatever happens, you are safe and beloved.  Listen to whatever your guide has to tell you, and asked questions if you need to.  Be aware that you may not get all the answers, it may not be fitting that you do!  But when the interview is finished, thank your guide for visiting you, and allow them to go on their way.

 Take a few moments now to rebalance your energies, and in your own time begin your journey back through the cave, and out into the wood on the other side.  Don't rush to do this, take as much time going from your meeting place, as you did to come into it.  And as you emerge again from the wood into the sunshine, and into the valley where you began just take a few moments to reflect, on all that you've heard and all that you've seen.  Be aware of the sky above you, and the earth beneath your feet, and your connection to both.  And then, and in your own time bring your consciousness back to the room in which you are sitting when you started your meditation.  Take a few minutes to allow this to happen again, to balance your energies and when you feel fully present, gently…. Gently… open your eyes and, fully back.

 You may have to do this meditation, this exercise many times, before you meet with your guide.  Or it may be that you never will, because it may not be the time for you to do just that, and we must be led by what is right for us.  But doing this exercise will put you more in contact with yourself, and with your higher self, and for that purpose if for no other is a useful thing to do.  And will assist both your spiritual, and psychic development.

 There are many variations on the meditation that I've just lead you through, take mine as a starting point, and then create your own.  Meditation is a wonderful medium to refresh and heal us.  And through it we can reach many places, many areas of ourselves, and encounter our Spirits, Angels, and even Totem Animals.

 Never be afraid, when you to this meditation, always have in your mind that you're doing it in the light, and for your greater good.  The Pranic breathing, will help you connect with your higher self.  And if done in the right place with the right intention, can only bring you Joy and Peace.

 With blessings!

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