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Inner Voice

 Men cannot live at all without a spiritual life foundation.

The Buddha

Inner Voice from The Healing Psychic Sanctuary.One of the most important voices that we need to listen to when developing our spirituality is our own inner voice.

We can read all the books in the world, and there are many on spirituality both ancient and modern. They help us create a pathway for ourselves, they give its ideas to inspire is and inspiration is very important in development.

However the real wisdom will always come from within, our Inner Voice.

There is a theory that all the important truths of mankind are available to us all at all times!  This is what we call the ‘Anima’ a great well of knowledge that we are all able to tap into.  But we do not need to go anywhere to find this information, because we are all linked together, to each other, to 'all' that there has been in the past, and to all that there may be in our futures. We will find the key to that knowledge deep within ourselves.

The key to opening this knowledge is twofold,

One. We must be prepared to for the moment discard our 'outer voice', and listen without judgement to our 'inner voice'.

Two. We must be prepared to believe wholeheartedly and without reservation in what that inner voice is telling us.

But before any of this we must prepare ourselves by going into The Silence and by meditation.

We are surrounded by so much noise in the modern world.... light and noise and movement.... all of these things distract us from our inner voice, and we must develop techniques for putting aside a certain amount of time on a regular basis, to be able to connect with our inner self.

Learning to meditate can be as easy as learning to breath if such a thing exists!

There's no need to elaborate preparations, simply take a few moments out of what you are doing to switch off the noise and the conscious mind, and allow your thoughts to drift will prepare the way you.

A little later perhaps creating a few minutes every day to simply sit, and focus our mind and relaxing our bodies will take us quite far down the road off inner contemplation.

And you do not have to sit cross-legged in a formal setting!  Simply standing gazing at the sea or at a beautiful sunset is a meditation in itself as long as you can close down the dialogue that is going on in your head, and be 100% within that seascape or that sunset… give yourself entirely over to it for a few moments, relish the beauty of it, the colour, the stillness and the peace...that is the beginnings of meditation

It is not until you can 'still' all the other noises by whatever method, that you will begin to be aware of your inner voice and of the messages that it has for you.

If you do this consistently, and in a focused way, you will be gaining enormous benefits, and the ability to function with all the advantages that we as human beings are programmed to have.

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