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How to develop psychic ability in everyday life.

We all have psychic ability to some extent. 

Some of us may go through life never connecting with this or never even noticing it if the truth be told, but others notice coincidences and little strange happenings that alert us to something different in a life that can not be explained in everyday terms.Crystal Green with giant Crystal Ball

It is being aware of these things and perhaps building on them that will develop our initial psychic ability more than anything else.

Contrary to what we are often told, developing your psychic ability does not mean going out and buying lots of books on various psychic subjects, reading them and trying to digest all the information given... this will merely cause ‘psychic indigestion’ and will leave you very puzzled as to what psychic ability actually is, and whether you have any?

Books vary in their information and in the ways that they measure psychic ability, and the only way to really get round this is to start at the beginning, and to gauge for yourself how well you are doing.

Below are my 5 pointers to beginning to develop your psychic ability.  You may think, reading them, that they are not dynamic enough to learn something new, but believe me they are essential to get you going... and to ensure that you learn how to connect with the abilities that you have, in their natural and gentle way... it is only when you have done this that you can take a step further and then begin to use tools to develop further.


For example, if you knew absolutely nothing about wood-work, you would not go out and buy a load of expensive tools and expect to be able to use them professionally straightaway, you would need to know first of all what ability you had and what your affinity with wood was, in fact it would probably make more sense to go out into a forest and acquaint yourself with the way wood grows, and the way different trees are formed before ever thinking of creating something out of their wood.

So the same thing goes with psychic ability, before you try to collate loads of information, loads of book's, tarot cards, crystal balls, psy cards, and runes, take a little time to actually understand about you're unique psychic abilities and how they feel to you.

The starting point.

5 ways to begin to connect with your psychic ability and to develop it.

1.  Learning to be still and listen.

MeditationWe hear things mostly on a very superficial level.  We are surrounded by sound all the time, it is an automatic process for us to filter through what we hear, to discard some things and to listen to others.  In the same way we filter conversations with people, not listening to all that they say but perhaps picking out relevant words and relevant sentences... all this on a very superficial level because that is the way we probably work best on a day-to-day basis.  One of the most efficient ways of improving your psychic development and ability is to really deeply listen!

Start by sitting quietly in a relaxed position as if you were going to meditate, and simply listen to all the sounds around you.  But listen fully to them and think about each sound as you hear it, exactly what it is, and what it means to you.

A good way to do this is to sit in the woods or by the sea. It will seem very quiet at first, but as you sit quietly, you will find that the place is alive with the sound, particularly a wood, as woods are never really quiet: listen deeply to every sound, try to place it and think where it is coming from, try to locate its direction and what it could be?

You may think this a useless exercise but in fact it is one of the most useful exercises in development of any kind, the skills of deeply listening, which we have in this age of noise, but for the most part have lost. Probably the most useful that we can develop, no matter what we use them for.

Go on from this to listen to people when they speak to you, our way of listening is usually to take things in very superficially, and have the answer ready almost before the other person has finished speaking.

In doing this we are not giving ourselves time to ‘listen between the lines’ so to speak, because what is not said, but implied, is often as important or sometimes more important than the actual words that we hear.

Listen to what the other person is saying fully, give them time, focus on them and they will know that you are really listening!  Evaluate what they have said, and then form your answer... you may find the answer you give eventually is very different to the one you would immediately have thought relevant.

Try this exercise!  It may well surprise you.


Psychic vision

2. Looking.

Now apply the same rules to ‘seeing’ things.

Again we tend to look straight ahead of us as we are going about our everyday business, usually were in a hurry and it's very difficult to make time to take in any extra information, and many of us work on ‘automatic’ because we are busy or going to work or have a great deal to do.

Take a little time out every day, perhaps walk somewhere that you are very familiar with... to the shops or wherever else you regularly go, but this time take your attention higher above your head and scan in not only what is going on around you and in front of you, but higher up perhaps to the level of the upper floors of buildings... their roofs and chimney pots.  Have you even seen them before?  Again you might get quite a surprise... the object of these two exercises is to take your senses beyond what you are normally aware of and stretch your perception.

Both exercises are invaluable in the development of your psychic abilities.


Psychic candle

3.   Feeling

Now we deal with another everyday sense. And in this way you are developing a skill that we call ‘psychometry’.

You could start with this in your own home, but it is most useful if carried out somewhere else where the objects are unfamiliar to you... but perhaps a little word of warning here, if you are doing this in a stranger's house or indeed even in a friend's house, best to warn them beforehand that you are trying an exercise in psychometry, because they may find it very strange if you pick up their personal belongings and hold them for no apparent reason!

And the exercise involves just that!

Pick up and hold a small object that is not particularly familiar to you, close your eyes if that helps, but if not, simply focus on something not too far away like a window or a light, or even on the object itself and let your mind feel it as well as your hands, feel what information it has to tell you... you may see this in the form of snapshots of scenes from long ago, or a name might come to mind that you may actually hear, or you may simply have an overwhelming feeling of a certain person connected with that object.  What I have often noticed is that if I pick up an old second-hand book in a bookshop, I will get the scent of old-fashioned perfume such as roses or violet's... and sometimes a name will come to my mind.

It does